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M Motors in Stock & Ready to Ship


FluiDyne Fluid Power’s M motors are a proven design that has been operating in the field for decades. They are available with either standard (25M, 35M, 45M & 50M) or heavy duty (26M, 36M, 46M & 51M) bearings. These motors start out with high efficiencies and operate at those levels throughout the life of the motor. This is inherent in this vane motor design. Because both ports can be pressurized at the same time, FluiDyne’s M Motors are perfect for multiple motors connected in a serious. The heavy duty bearing allows for indirect drive options such as gears, belts and pulleys. Several port position configurations are available. M motors can operate at as low as 100 rpm to as high as 3,000 rpm at maximum pressure. It can run at faster speeds as the system pressures decrease. Their motors are 100% performance tested and are ready for immediate shipment. Each motor has 18 month warranty, so if you have any problems, we have a solution.

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