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Magnetic Filtration


In coolants:

Constant closed loop flow and constant particle generation from metal removal are difficult and expensive chores for standard media filtration. These factors are the leading reasons magnetic filtration is installed in coolant loops. Magnetic filtration cannot clog and has no media to load up.

In hydraulic circuits:

All systems wear. Hydraulic systems have a lot of materials that can wear. The filtration system in a hydraulic circuit does a fine job of filtering out most of these materials. There is good reason to remove the steel wear particles separately. All the other wear particles usually show normal wear. Steel particles show wear that should be addressed right now. Size doesn’t matter. All steel particles from corn flake size to sub-micron all indicate some kind of wear. One magnet traps them all.

In process fluids:

When viscosity and temperature allows, paint, ink, water, alcohols, solvents and other process fluids often have special requirements for iron, nickel, steel, and rust removal. Often the very fluid being handled is the cause of rust being formed in the system. Steel particles can be removed by low loss magnetic filtration; even rust because it forms in 3 types. Two types are not magnetic, one is, and they usually form together. This high gauss magnetic filtration can even trap rust.

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