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Making a Difference

richard-bullersEver know one of those kids who made a mistake he or she didn’t recover from?  Someone you knew or loved who blindly got caught up in things by making bad choices? Ever wonder what might have been?

Nobody wants to start the story of their own life with the words “I almost made a difference…” or “If only I had…”. You can fill in the blanks. Perhaps your story is already different. Perhaps it is not, or you know someone else who really needs some help.

It’s not a question of getting a raise or switching jobs, because if you are already in the fluid power industry, chances are you’re doing all right. There’s a roof over your head, plenty to eat, a big-screen television in the living room, and a decent vehicle in the driveway. It’s a pretty good life, all things considered. You have options.

But it is not that way for everyone, is it? You see, each day as a fluid power professional affords you the opportunity to take the next step upwards, the chance to tell the story without any regrets.

There are kids in your community who would benefit from your knowledge, whose eyes will light up when you demonstrate robotics or tour them through a modern manufacturing facility. They may have no idea what they are capable of and have no career path in mind, but you can change that though involvement in an IFPS chapter.

IFPS chapters have a valuable role in community service. They have helped kids with STEM and FIRST robotics efforts. Chapter members have made presentations in high schools, local colleges, vocational schools, churches, 4-H meetings, and Scouting events. They can and do positively influence kids in looking at careers they otherwise would have never known existed.

There is a serious shortage of trained individuals for technical positions and an overabundance of kids in debt with college degrees that cannot land them a decent job. You can help change that by getting involved with helping others discover the same industry that put bread and butter on your table for so many years.

What are you going to do? Go out and buy another flat screen TV so you can listen to the politicians? Do you really want to make a difference?

Look at the chapter number on your IFPS membership card and become proactive. IFPS needs you. Your community needs you. Those kids I’ve been talking about need you, too. Make a decision to join, revive, or start a local IFPS chapter. Be determined. Find out more.

Call, write, or e-mail the IFPS at
P.O. Box 1420
Cherry Hill, NJ  08034-0054
856-489-8983, 800-308-6005

IFPS will provide you with all the details and has the expertise, dedication, and resources to mentor you each step of the way. Thank you for making a difference.

By Richard Bullers, CFPPS, 2016 IFPS First Vice President

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