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Mobile Machines for Every Job

By Ben Dupre, Senior Technical Writer, HydraForce / Bosch Rexroth Compact Hydraulics.

Mobile machines serve every function in construction, agriculture, material handling and more. These machines come in all sizes. Every niche has a versatile solution tailored exclusively for work to be done. The hydraulics at the heart of these machines are also designed and built to match the flow demands and duty cycle of the application. This targeted approach helps keep cost down, and the use of higher pressure components and smaller actuators reduce weight which saves energy.

Flange compatible EDH and EDG products integrate to form a mobile solution with 60 and 100 lpm (16 and 26 gpm) working sections.

Flange compatible EDH and EDG products integrate to form a mobile solution with 60 and 100 lpm (16 and 26 gpm) working sections.

Modular EDH-PP with LS relief and anti-cavitation valves.

Modular EDH-PP with LS relief and anti-cavitation valves.

Bosch Rexroth offers a very wide array of components to fit every size and duty cycle. Current market trends are driving the demand for compact and powerful solutions for mobile machines: Increasingly complex machine designs, as well as diverse functions and applications, pose a variety of challenges for mobile machine manufacturers. In the line of Compact Directional Valves, we are offering a new frame size for flows up to 100 lpm (26 gpm) and working pressures up to 35 MPa (5075 psi). The EDH’s flow capacity ensures that machines can handle heavy-duty applications with ease. This increases productivity and reduces cycle times in critical mobile machines, but also in industrial applications.

New EDH 100 lpm Compact Directional Valve

The new EDH product is a complement to the EDG line which provides flows up to 60 lpm (16 gpm). The new higher flow capacity opens up the Compact Directional Valves (CDV) line to a much broader range of machines. You can apply CDV products on mobile equipment such as agricultural machines, truck-mounted cranes, aerial work platforms, drilling machines and municipal vehicles. 

Modular, Versatile, Compatible

The EDH features a modular design that seamlessly integrates with Bosch Rexroth’s Compact Directional Valves. It includes compatibility with the new-generation pre-compensated EDG valves and enables customized solutions tailored to meet individual customer requirements. With its compactness and power density the EDH sets new standards. At the same time, it offers maximum flexibility and adaptability to control diverse machine functions. For example, when flow needs vary by function, you can combine the flange-compatible EDG and EDH products together in one mobile solution. With adaptors, the EDH and EDG products can also integrate with other Bosch Rexroth directional controls or even custom hydraulic integrated circuits (HICs).

The new EDH compact directional valve is a pre-compensated directional control flow control that is flexible and extensible. The basic EDH can serve as a pressure compensated on/off or proportional directional control. An extended body will be available that accommodates work port pressure relief and  load holding valves. A manual operator will also be offered along with 12 V and 24 V actuators for electrohydraulic control with emergency override, or two-station operation. A handy feature for machines like truck-mounted cranes or rear-loading refuse trucks.

Space and Energy Savings

With the need to fit more functionality into compact machines, installation space is scarce. EDH is the most compact solution available in this flow/pressure range, and that is a great value on small and medium size machines. By effectively using limited space, OEMs can enhance efficiency and realize the full potential of their machines. With 35 MPa (5075 psi) working pressure, this product also offers excellent power density and energy saving potential. 

Common Platform, Many Options

Being a common platform with the EDG range of 60 lpm (16 gpm) compact directional valves, they share many of the configurations and options. Basic configurations include direct-acting on/off (DO), direct-acting proportional (DP), and piloted proportional (PP). Versatile options include integrated LS relief valves, anti-cavitation valves, load holding PO checks, counterbalance valves, LS cutoff for safety interlock, and proportional LS relief option for force control, or torque control of rotating actuators.

The EDH Compact Directional Valve provides companies with diverse possibilities to tailor hydraulic systems to specific application needs. Precise engineering and durable construction provide high reliability, reduce maintenance costs and minimize downtime.

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