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Problem: Necessary Pressure


If the rotary actuator has four 4″ diameter cylinders as shown, what would be the necessary pressure to rotate the shaft with a torque of 5000 lb. in.? Assume 100% efficiency.

Also calculate the CIR (displacement).


air cylinder pressure

Find Out The Solution

Given: Torque is 5,000 lb. in.
Four cylinders with a diameter of 4 inches (two pushing at one time)
Four-inch pitch diameter of pinion gear

Step 1:  Find push for the cylinders: T = RP (Torque = Radius and push or pull)
Radius of the pinion gear is 2 inches.

5,000 lb. in.  =  2″ x Push
P = 2,500 lbs. (for two cylinders). Note again that only two cylinders are pushing at a time.

Step 2: Find push for each cylinder: 2,500 total / 2 = 1,250 lbs. per cylinder

Step 3: Find area of 4″ cylinder:  A = D² x 0.7854   A = 12.566 sq. in.

Find pressure requirements: F = PA
1250# / 12.566 = 99.47 psi or rounding up:

100 psi

Deadline past. Not available for submissions.


Ismail Polat, CFPPS, Airline Hydraulics, Inc., Ocean View, NJ

Answered Correctly:

Raman Benipal, JEM Technical, Winnipeg, Canada

George Fling, CFPS, Dallas, TX

By Ernie Parker, AI, AJPP, AJPPCC, S, MT, MM, MIH, MIP, MMH,
Fluid Power Instructor, Hennepin Technical College, EParker@Hennepintech.edu

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