Fluid Power Journal

Stamped: Understanding the acronym and use it for hose assembly

Proper hose or tubing assembly component selection is critical to a safe hydraulic system. A simple guideline for proper selection is the word “STAMPED”. …

Cylinder Speeds Up On Its Own

An aluminum mill has a system that pushes a large aluminum ingot from one conveyor to another. The operator complained that the pushing speed kept increasing …

Pressure & Vacuum in Print

In the printing industry, vacuum and low-pressure air is used extensively in the sheet feeding heads of web offset printing presses (Fig. 1). These presses …

Flow Means “Go”…Well, Not Exactly.

Fluid power has become a vital component in our ability to perform work: it harvests our crops, takes our waste to the landfill, moves the landing gear, …

Working Under Pressure

An Introduction to Fluid Power I’ve created a Powerpoint presentation to help demonstrate the “push” in fluid power. Click HERE to download …

Reducing Pressure: A Way to Save or Waste Energy?

If you are a pneumatics person, you will be thinking of a pressure regulator; the hydraulic people among us will be thinking of pressure-reducing valves. In …

Lower the Pressure to Keep Your Compressed Air System Healthy

Just as lowering blood pressure reduces stress on your heart, lowering your compressed air pressure reduces stress on the heart of your plant, the air …

Pressure Effects on Seal Performance

Standard shaft seals or rotary shaft seals are typically found in low-speed or low-pressure environments. As the speed of the shaft increases, the maximum …

Safety Catchers

The Sitema safety catchers from Advanced Machine & Engineering Co. (AME), Rockford, Ill., stop and lock a dropping platen via a wedge mechanism located on …

Gear Pumps

The Optimum® series of gear pumps/motors is designed for durability, featuring a rigid pump design for long product life and maintained performance. Available …



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