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New Doering Pump Resists Corrosion

Doering Company recently released its new corrosion-resistant DCHP 102 cartridge hand pump.

The DCHP 102 is a screw-in cartridge-style manual hand pump with dual integrated check valves. Its features include a seat made from hardened steel for long life. It is zinc plated to ASTM specifications for corrosion resistance. Its piston is hardened and ground. It promises improved heat and friction resistance. Its lever socket rotates 360. It fits an industry standard C-10-2 cavity. The pump provides displacements of 9.8 cm3 at 14.5 MPa (0.601 in3 at 2,100 psi) and 7.2 cm3 at 21 MPa (0.442 in3 at 3,000 psi).

Applications for the hand pump include hydraulic backup, hydrostatic testing, parking brakes on heavy equipment, and safety applications

For more information, visit www.doering.com/.

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