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New Fluid Power Reference Handbook Ships

Thank you to all the individuals who pre-ordered the IFPS a New Fluid Power Reference Handbook© – The Ultimate Resource for Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and Motion Control Professionals.

“I have over 50-years of experience in the fluid power industry, and the new Fluid Power Reference Handbook is the best I’ve ever seen for fluid power,” said Ernie Parker, CFPAI, retired Hennepin Technical College. “This handbook is much more than just a reference manual. The handbook explains many concepts, in useful detail, for an excellent overview of how various components work with both pneumatics and hydraulics.”

A color-coded table of contents makes it easy to find information in this 378-page, soft-cover handbook. It contains both U.S. customary and metric units, full-color graphics, charts, drawings and symbology that complies with ISO, ANSI and SAE standards.

ORDER by visiting www.ifps.org. Discounts available for 10+ books, and as always, IFPS members receive a great discount!

Stop by IFPE booth SL80126 for a chance to win a free Fluid Power Reference Handbook!

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