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New Fluid Power Reference Handbook Ships

Thank you to all the individuals who pre-ordered the IFPS a New Fluid Power Reference Handbook© – The Ultimate Resource for Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and …

Join Us In Tampa!

Attending an IFPS Meeting is a great way to meet and network with other passionate fluid power professionals. The IFPS 2020 Spring Meeting will take place at …

Pascal’s Law and Counterbalance Valves: Part 1

Counterbalance – verb: “to oppose or balance with an equal weight or force” Counterbalance valves serve a very important role in hydraulic system …

Air/Oil Tandem Actuators: A Control-Emphasized Solution

By Travis Haynes, Application Engineer, PHD, Inc. As automation expands across a variety of industries, the performance required of actuators becomes more …

Assemble a Hydraulic Pilot-operated Pressure Relief Valve

Relief valves are used to limit maximum pressure in hydraulic systems. When system pressure begins to exceed the pressure setting of the relief valve, a …

Hydraulic Proportional Valve Advancements

By Alan McCay, CFPS, Motion Industries There have been a lot of changes and advancements throughout the years with hydraulic directional valves. The most basic …

Strong, Tough, and Reliable: Linear Displacement Transducers Take on the Most-Demanding Applications

By Blake Cawley, Product Manager, AMETEK Factory Automation The importance of automation is greater than ever, as is the role played in automation by linear …

Beware of Getting HOSED

By Jamie Vokes, CFPCC Various kinds of mobile and industrial equipment use hydraulics in one form or another. While hydraulics is a very efficient use of …

Understanding Hydraulic Stiffness of a System

Hydraulic Stiffness It is generally misunderstood that hydraulic fluid is incompressible when, in fact, it can compress when placed under pressure. Any system …

Protection for All Things Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and Fluid Power

MOCAP manufactures an extensive range of protective closures to guard pipes, hoses, and hydraulic fittings from dirt, moisture, and damage to help maintain …



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