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New products from Harold G. Schaevitz Industries include two new sensors and a signal conditioner

S2A CyberSecure Smart AC-LVDT Signal Conditioner

Schaevitz’s Alliance Sensors Group recently introduced its latest LVDT signal conditioner, the highly advanced S2A. 

It offers smart and fast LVDT/RVDT setup and has been engineered to work with the widest range of LVDTs, RVDTs, and inductive half-bridge sensors, including 3-wire GE LVRTs and GE gas turbine buck-boost style LVDTs. The signal conditioning module has cyber security tamper prevention and notification, providing confidence that the unit has not been compromised.

The S2A’s features include color-coded plug-in connections, self-diagnostics, push-button calibration, RS-485 digital communications, hot-swap capability, and enhanced fault diagnostics. 

The LVDT signal conditioner offers fault or failure detection for high reliability applications like nuclear power plant steam turbine controls. The S2A’s diagnostics can detect at least 11 fault conditions. The push-button calibration reduces set-up time by a factor of 10. The internal microprocessor automatically sets up the LVDT signal conditioner. The operator simply presses the front panel zero button and full-scale buttons. The S2A is then fully calibrated with the LVDT position sensor. The S2A also can be set up remotely using a computer via its RS-485 port connected. For installations involving multiple position sensors, the S2As can be master/slaved to prevent cross talk between sensor signals. 

For more information, email sales@alliancesensors.com or visit www.alliancesensors.com.

GHS-19 Series Spring-Loaded LVIT Linear Position Sensor

Alliance Sensors Group also recently released the GHS-19 series of spring-loaded LVIT gauging sensors. 

The sensors are contactless devices designed for dimensional gauging and position measurements in factory automation and various industrial and commercial applications, such as automotive testing, mil/aero test stands, robotic arms, and packaging equipment, where the sensing element cannot be attached to the object being measured. Using LVIT technology with its simple coil design, the GHS-19 series offer excellent stroke-to-length ratios.

The features of the GHS-19 include low-cost drop-in replacement for spring-loaded LVDTs with same connector and pinouts; excellent stroke-to-length ratio, meaning much shorter housings, full-scale ranges from 0.25 to 4.0 inches (13 to 100 mm); 1 pound (0.45 kgf) maximum tip force; and contactless operation, preventing sensor wear out from dithering or rapid cycling.

GHS-19 sensors have a 0.75-inch (19-mm) diameter aluminum or stainless steel body with a 1/2-20 UNF-2A threaded nose 1.5 inches (38 mm) long and two 0.75-inch (19-mm) hex jam nuts for drop-in installation in place of spring-loaded DC-LVDT gage heads. The sensors’ 0.25 dia. probes are equipped with a No. 9 contact tip, producing a maximum tip force of 1 pound (0.45 kgf). They are offered with a PT02-10-6P. Operating from a variety of DC voltages, these sensors are available with a choice of one of four analog outputs, and they all include ASG’s proprietary SenSet field calibration feature.

For more information, email sales@alliancesensors.com or visit www.alliancesensors.com.

Mini Linear Potentiometer Position Sensor

Schaevitz Industries has expanded its sensor products with the LPPS-MSL miniature spring-loaded linear potentiometer position sensor.

LPPS-MSL series position sensors are used to monitor and track the linear motion or position of a target. The captive guided spring-loaded shaft incorporates an external helical compression spring to maintain constant contact with the part under measurement. These compact-sized sensors are only 16 mm (0.63 inches) OD, making them ideal for installations with limited space. The LPPS-MSL series sensor is made from industrial duty materials for resistance to dust, temperature, shock, and vibration and are engineered for use in a wide range of gauging applications, including laboratory, automotive, industrial, motion control, medical, and aerospace.

Features include stroke lengths available from 5 to 100 mm (0.2 to 4 inches), an environmental rating of IP61, and an operating temperature range of -40°C to 95°C (-40°F to 203°F).

For more information, click here.

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