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Next-Generation Hydraulics: Efficient Machines, Precise Control

Nate-AlmeIn today’s hydraulic marketplace, manufacturers and end users need efficient equipment they can rely on to get the job done. Regardless of the end application, equipment is facing growing expectations for productivity, efficiency, safety, and machine controllability.

As companies look to build smarter, more precise machines, hydraulics needs to become smarter, as well. Where hydraulic equipment typically provides the muscle to make machines effective, the new trend towards intelligent machinery is driving changes in the industry. Utilizing hydraulic products with embedded electronic technology helps make machines even more effective, with the level of controls needed for efficient and productive operation.

Precision control, a key part of Eaton’s complete hydraulic solution for a precise and powerful excavator, is a must-have to keep machines operating at maximum efficiency. During the recent International Fluid Power Expo, Eaton hosted a contest on an excavator demonstrator – the fastest operator to score four baskets was the winner. Our winner sunk all four basketballs in an astonishing 39 seconds – imagine that kind of speed and precision applied on a jobsite. The demonstrator featured Eaton’s DuraForceTM piston pumps and motors, which offer extreme precision and durability to keep construction and mining applications up and running.

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Nate Alme leads the marketing initiatives for Eaton’s mobile hydraulics portfolio. He joined the company in 1988 and has progressed through numerous roles in product engineering, application and system engineering, product management, and marketing. To learn more about Eaton’s hydraulic solutions, visit www.eaton.com/hydraulics.

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