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NFPA Issues Annual Report

The National Fluid Power Association released its sixth Annual Report on the U.S. Fluid Power Industry in July. The report outlines the worldwide impact of the industry and serves as a tool for members to promote it. The report’s key conclusions include:

In 2019, the manufacture of fluid power components was a $22 billion industry in the U. S.

Many key industries depend on fluid power. Ten of the largest include an estimated 21,189 companies in the U.S. that employ more than 920,340 people.

The fluid power industry is building for the future, with more than 588 schools in the NFPA Educator Network and over $50 million in federal research grants focused on fluid power technology.

Download the report at https://www.nfpa.com/home/industry-stats/Annual-Report-on-US-Fluid-Power-Industry.htm.

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