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NFPA Identifies Strategy Agenda to Address the Needs of the Fluid Power Industry

The NFPA is working on a strategy agenda, which includes the following three strategic priorities:

  • Inclusiveness: Serving as a forum where all fluid power channel partners work together
  • Technology:Promoting fluid power technology and fostering an innovative environment for the fluid power industry
  • Workforce:Building and connecting NFPA members to an educated fluid power workforce

At the October 2014 NFPA Board of Directors meeting, a series of “ends statements” was finalized under each of the three areas above. These statements better describe the world the Association is trying to achieve, and will be used to shape and direct future activities (see chart).

nfpa chart

These statements, along with a series of success indicators by which to track progress, form a new strategy agenda for the NFPA. It is one that is built upon the Association’s strengths while providing new areas of challenge for NFPA to tackle. All of this is framed under its central mission of “strengthening the fluid power industry.”

By William G. Gorski, CFO, Bimba Manufacturing Co.

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