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Norstat Adds Sensors for Pneumatic Applications

Norstat recently added to its product line with two additional sensors, a pressure and vacuum sensor and an inductor sensor.

FEMTO pressure and vacuum sensorFEMTO pressure and vacuum sensor

Norstat now offers the FEMTO pressure and vacuum sensor, designed with a transistor switching output plus an additional analog output.

The FEMTO is a multi-functional sensor with an adjustable transistor switching output (loadable with 250 mA) as well as an additional analog output. With its compact yet rugged design and programmable via a keyboard, the sensor accurately controls actuators directly or indirectly and give out an analog measured value proportional to the applied pressure/vacuum. It can operate using filtered, dry, or oiled air and noncorrosive gasses, making the FEMTO ideal for pneumatic applications.

The FEMTO has a plastic PC housing with brass nickel-plated process connections and an M8, four-pole electrical connection. Output is 1x switching signal (PNP), analog output 1-5V with NO/NC output function (programmable). The sensors also have short circuit and reverse polarity protection and a measuring range of -1…0 bar, -1…10 bar, and use LEDs for status and switching indicators. Protection rating is IP 65 and the FEMTO can operate in temperature ranges of -20°C to 85°C (-4°F to 185°F).

PST inductive sensorsPST inductive sensors

Norstat recently added the PST inductive sensor series for aggressive environments and high temperatures.

These inductive sensors come with 50 mm stainless steel housing. They have nominal sensing distances of 2, 5, or 10 mm and can detect any type of ferromagnetic material. All sensors have short circuit and reverse polarity protection and come with three-wire NPN-NA or PNP-NA output configurations. They have a protection rating of IP66, IP67, IP68 or IP69K and can operate in a temperature range of -25°C to 120°C (-13°F to 248°F) .

For more information, call (973) 586-2500 or visit www.norstat.com.

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