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This Week at OTC: Doering Launches Hand Pump

Doering Company is introducing its new DCHP163 cartridge-style hydraulic hand pump this week at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston.

The pump provides high-pressure output with the same lever force on both up and down strokes. The innovative cartridge high-pressure hand pump displaces large amounts of hydraulic oil, water glycol, or other fluids faster, with fewer strokes than competitive products. Requiring less handle force, the DCHP163 is ideal for emergency, primary, backup, and hydrostatic testing applications.

The DCHP163 has a handle force of 70 lbs. (32 kg). It has an operating pressure of 6,500 psi (450 bar) and displaces 0.574 cu. in. (9.4 cu. cm) of fluid per cycle. Its lever rotates 360°. This hydraulic manual pump has a compact design and can be installed in a manifold and in any orientation.

The DCHP163 hand pump is offered in stainless steel versions. The operating temperature with standard seals is -31°F to 250°F (-35°C to 121°C) and up to 400°F (204°C) with fluorocarbon seals.

“Most industrial hand pumps are single-action, only pressurizing on the downward stroke of the pump’s lever,” said Marty Dombroske, vice president at Doering Company. “The new DCHP163 is engineered for double action. Hydraulic or other fluid is pressurized during the downward and upward strokes, making it much quicker to operate.”

“We required a hand pump to displace a large volume of hydraulic fluid faster with fewer strokes,” said Kevin Orida of Lynch Fluid Controls, a Doering customer. “Doering’s stainless-steel DCHP163 was able to build pressure quickly and could be operated by virtually anyone. Verified in an emergency military application, the hand pump needed to perform in harsh environments with high pressure in a short period of time. The first of its kind, the DCHP163 meets our specifications. We ruled out most of the other hand pumps on the market.”

“Our testing equipment replicates oil and gas industry conditions to qualify chemicals. We were using a hand pump designed for hydraulic fluids to pump clean water,” said Stephen Keir, engineering team lead at Scaled Solutions, another Doering customer. “The two brands we tried had issues with corrosion. Additionally, high-low stroke switches made these options quite cumbersome and large. To improve speed, we developed a two-pump solution and found that it didn’t perform as expected. We needed a high stroke rate with 6,000 psi (414 bar) of pressure. Everything we looked at had a high stroke rate with low pressure or low stroke rate with high pressure until Doering recommended the DCHP163. A compact stainless steel hand pump, Doering’s DCHP163 has the better flow needed for our application.”

For additional information, call (320) 743-2276, email CustomerService@doering.com, or visit https://www.doering.com/more/.



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