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Norstat Releases Two-Hand Control Stations for Dangerous Applications

Norstat Inc. recently introduced the Duelco Safety Solutions line of two-hand control stations with E-stop button. When a potentially dangerous process requires a synchronous action by both hands to release or maintain the operation of a machine, these two-hand control stations assure protection of the operator. 

The PCB3 control station has a smelted-aluminum cover with a protection lid over each push button and is available with reserved holes for up to four additional push buttons. The bottom base is cast aluminum with a central opening of 200 mm × 90 mm for cable entry, with a 2-mm-thick rubber seal between the base and cover to protect the terminals against dust, oil, and water. The protection rating for the PCB3 is IP65 with supplied push buttons.

Also available for the PCB3 is the new TST-4 hand sensor actuator, which is ergonomically designed to eliminate the hand, wrist, and arm stresses associated with mechanical push buttons. Typical mechanical push buttons require 2 pounds of pressure to actuate. The TST-4 requires absolutely no physical pressure to operate. Its LED indicator lights display “power on” and “output activated” modes and are EN-60204-1 compliant.

For more information, visit www.norstat.com.

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