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Leybold Releases New VARODRY HD/O2 Screw Vacuum Pump

Leybold has extended its VARODRY platform with an HD/O2 version for heavy duty or O2 industrial vacuum processes.

The VD HD/O2 version works for rough coating, drying, and regeneration applications. In these areas, where extra robustness is required and the exhaust gases are usually discharged via piping. The VD HD/O2, which is available in pumping speed sizes 65, 100, 160 and 200 m³/h, has been specially equipped with a stainless steel exhaust and a built-in purge module.

VARODRY is completely oil-free; there is no oil migration feasible from the gear chamber into the vacuum chamber or into products or processes. This prevents potential reactions of the lubricant with process media as well as back diffusion toward the process chamber.

Based on its oil-free operation and the additional precautions taken to ensure hydrocarbon-free surfaces, the HD/O2 version can tolerate 100% oxygen. The renouncement of complex (PFPE) oil changes makes the new VARODRY HD/O2 version ideal for industrial vacuum processes – even when using 100% oxygen or other demanding applications.

For more information, visit www.leybold.com/en/.

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