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Piab Launches Food Suction Cups

Piab recently released two suction cups for food handling applications.

Piab - Suction Cups - Fruit

Fruit suction cup

With its innovative multi-lip design, Piab’s new fruit suction cup FCX50 is ideal for handling items with challenging and permeable surfaces and various shapes. Its sealing capabilities on such difficult objects lead to less leakage, allowing a smaller vacuum pump, which saves energy. For detectability, during production, a small portion of metal powder is added to the food grade silicone material.

Thanks to the low vacuum levels needed, the FCX50 suction cup grips fruits firmly and gently, ensuring the delivery of pristine fruits to customers. It handles fruits of different sizes, and it can pick the narrow part of a fruit just as well as the wide part. The flexible bellows allow the lips to adapt, realign, and seal tightly, even if the suction cup is lowered towards the fruit off-axis. The FCX50 cup is FDA 21 CFR 177.2600, EU 1935/2004 and EU 2023/2006 regulations compliant.

Piab - Suction Cups - Eggs

Egg suction cup

Piab’s new ECX36 egg suction cup, with its stable design and multistage actuation, provides easy control over the product release. Hence it reduces the risk of damaging eggs, enabling high-speed applications in egg handling. As a result of this firm but gentle and yet safe gripping process, cracking is reduced during the handling process. This lowers the necessity of cleaning and machine downtime. Cleaning the egg suction cup can be done easily in situ. Furthermore, the ECX36 is long-term resistant to detergents and ultrasonic cleaning, and it is FDA 21 CFR 177.2600, EU 1935/2004 and EU 2023/2006 regulations compliant.

For more information, visit www.piab.com/.

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