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Piab Launches New Website

Piab recently launched a new website that the company says will “up the ante on both the visual identity and the user experience.” 

Through countless internal and external interviews, Piab created an even more customer-centric website that focuses on existing customers as well as exploring users, the company said in a press release. The new website is the result of multiple interviews with colleagues and customers around the globe. The new website was created to address the insights gathered from these interviews as well as add to a new user experience in accordance with Piab’s new visual identity and core purpose, to evolve automation.

Piab said it is on a “fast growth journey,” which is highlighted on the new Career pages, created to attract and inform job seekers. Besides the possibility to subscribe to the latest job openings, the application process is made easy with just a few clicks when the job seeker is connected to LinkedIn.

With the new website Piab aims to primarily target two audiences: experienced users and exploring users. The top navigation and site structure is truly user-centric, created to serve both user groups. The quick links on the start page accelerate access to product configurators and CAD files for experienced users, while exploring users are invited to use the third quick link, “Help me choose,” and are offered suggested products or solutions based on their needs.

For more information, visit www.piab.com.

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