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Piab Offers Keno Grippers

Piab recently announced it will carry Keno-brand grippers made by Joulin, a company Piab acquired last year.

As the market for material handling solutions grows, Joulin is a perfect strategic fit to the Piab business. Through the acquisition, Piab is taking a significant step into the raw wood industry, building on Joulin’s 60 years of experience.

To further reinforce and expand the solutions business in heavy duty applications and the wood industry, large grippers and gantry cranes will continue to be marketed under the Joulin brand. Experts will remain to design and build solutions matching individual customer needs and provide their top service.

The selected gripper ranges developed by Joulin include the MiniGrip, the FlexiGrip, and the Safe&Light, integrated into the Kenos brand, which perfectly complements the existing Piab portfolio and further strengthens the support different needs of the customers.

The Kenos MiniGrip is a foam gripper that can be adapted to tight clearance applications in an end-of-arm tool. Its foam surface offers the versatility to pick a variety of different objects without adjustment. In case of uneven layer heights KMG can be equipped with level compensators without needing to change the mounting device.

The Kenos FlexiGrip is suitable for the food & beverage, automotive, and construction industries. It is a vacuum foam gripper that can be used as a single gripper on robots as well as on cobots, or combined into an EOAT for use with industrial robots. With its foam surface it offers the flexibility to pick a variety of different products without adjustment. Its modular design provides the flexibility for fast and easy set-up in case of product changes as well as simple integration in to existing equipment.

The Kenos Safe&Light is suitable for use in applications such as packaging, warehousing, end-of-line production. Thanks to its special design of a carbon fiber structure holding a foam made body, it is extremely lightweight allowing to make maximum use of the robot or cobot payload. It is a robust and simple solution for a broad range of purposes, particularly for palletizing applications in rugged and dusty environments.

As a vacuum technology leader, Piab offers a wide range of solutions for various industries and applications, from suction cups and pumps to full EOAT and custom solutions.

For more information, visit www.piab.com.

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