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RG Group Awarded Subcontract with Deloitte

RG Group, a provider of hydraulic, pneumatic, and other products with niche expertise in robotics and automation, recently announced the award of a subcontract from Deloitte in an initiative with the U.S. Department of Defense.

RG Group will work with Deloitte to develop a 5G-enabled smart warehouse prototype at the Naval Supply Systems Command Naval Base Coronado that will equip the facility with various forms of autonomous mobile robot technology operating in a 5G environment.

RG Group has assisted dozens of organizations in the private and government sectors in the adoption and deployment of autonomous mobile robots. The DoD’s investment in this ultramodern prototype lays the groundwork to scale capabilities across facilities, keeping service members as prepared as possible to support their mission in maintaining peace and strengthening national security.

Having led cutting-edge smart factory projects in other industries, such as previous transformative work in Wichita, Kansas, Deloitte was selected by the DoD as one of the most qualified to oversee the demonstration and selection of 5G technology applications for the Naval Base Coronado smart warehouse prototype. Deloitte sought out and vetted technologies that would improve the efficiency and safety of material and supply handling, management, storage, and distribution.

RG Group was ultimately chosen as a key player in bringing the concept of using autonomous mobile robots in a 5G environment to life. Work on the 5G smart warehouse prototype commenced in February 2021 and is projected for completion in 2024. Phase 1 will include roadmap assessments, experiment plan development, and security reviews prior to capability demonstration.

For more information, visit www.rg-group.com and www.deloitte.com.


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