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Royal Transport Masters On-Site Transport of Pumping Station


Royal Transport moved a 420-t pumping station in Bergen using two self-propelled platform trailers – one second-generation (G2) MHD SPE and a first-generation (G1) MHD SP from NICOLAS. According to Sébastien PORTEU, managing director of the French special vehicle manufacturer, NICOLAS, “The idea was to combine an electronically steered vehicle with a mechanically steered vehicle in loose coupling mode. Two PowerPacks were configured to run in a master/slave mode. The bogie units of the MHD G2 – available with either mechanical or electronic multi-directional steering – have been specially designed to carry concentrated loads. For road transport assignments, the MHD G2 can be used as a trailer or semi-trailer combination, as well as being coupled side-by-side as a 3 or 4-file combination.

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