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Safety Is Everyone’s Responsibility and Not Just in Pandemic Times

Did you know there are General Safety Guidelines for all fluid power technologies in EVERY IFPS Certification Study Manual?

The IFPS supplies free Fluid Injection Safety Cards to every new member. These laminated wallet cards contain information on obtaining five critical pieces of information for doctors and emergency medical technicians in treating fluid injection injuries.

Online Hydraulic Safety Awareness Training

The IFPS, in conjunction with the International Hydraulics Safety Authority*, offers online Hydraulic Safety Awareness Training courses.

IFPS offers four online hydraulic safety awareness training courses:

  • Fluid Injection Awareness
  • Exposure
  • High Risk Maintenance Level
  • Hydraulic Safety in Construction

* The International Hydraulics Safety Authority, recognized internationally, is the leader in hydraulic safety awareness training for developing the most comprehensive training curriculum available in the safety industry.

To order Safety Cards, Safety Posters and Safety Courses, visit www.ifps.org/Training Resources

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