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Schaevitz Offers Embeddable Thermocouple

Harold G. Schaevitz Industries recently expanded its sensor products with its embeddable thermocouple with miniature cone-shaped tip.

The embeddable thermocouples are an ideal solution for subsurface temperature measuring applications in soft materials, including rubber, gel, flesh, or wood. Designed for research and development applications, these fast-response thermocouples are available with fiberglass- or Teflon-insulated wires.

Special limits-of-error accuracy thermocouple wires are cut to the required length and the conductors are passed through a miniature cone-shaped tip, then TIG welded to form a measuring junction. The cone tip is pressed into the surface using an embedding tool.

Other features include:

• Type J, K, or T thermocouple

• Special limits-of-error accuracy (+/- 0.4% of reading)

• Grounded junction

• Cone tip max dimension 0.140″ (3.6mm)

• Response time constant (500 milliseconds)

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