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HAWE Adds Medium-Pressure Pump 

HAWE Hydraulik recently added to its series of axial piston pumps in the medium pressure range with the type C40V. The lightweight axial piston pump is compact for use in open circuits of mobile machines. Available in various sizes, it efficiently supplies system solutions for pressure ranges up to 280 bar (4,061 psi) with the required flow rate. 

The type C40V is lighter than its predecessor, the type V40M. It has an even higher maximum self-priming speed of 3,200 rpm. The maximum delivery volume is 85cm³/rev and is available in three sizes – 28cm³,45cm³, and 85cm³. 

A wide range of applications is opened up by a diverse range of controllers. The load-sensing regulator is available with an integrated or an electroproportional pressure cutoff. In addition, purely mechanically adjustable pressure regulators or electroproportional pressure or flow regulators are also available. Flow regulators and capacity regulators will also be available. Due to the swashplate design, the flow rate can be varied finely and easily via the swivel angle. This makes it an efficient drive for mobile hydraulic systems. 

For more information, visit www.hawe.com/products/product-search-by-category/hydraulic-pump/axial-piston-pump/c40v/.

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