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SITON suction pads from Coval: the reference in the plastics industry

OM=years ago, COVAL first created SITON, an innovative, exclusive and patented silicone-free material Coval’s SITON suction pads are characterized not only by their non-marking capability, but also by their abrasion resistance and remarkable mechanical performance at temperatures of up to 160°C.

SITON was originally developed to satisfy the specific requirements of the cosmetics industry, which required non-marking suction cups to handle delicate products such as lipsticks. After SITON had been developed and tested, COVAL observed its resistance to high temperatures, up to 160°C at peak, and exceptional abrasion resistance.

This rare combination of properties is highly sought-after in the plastics industry, where SITON’s thermal resistance makes it easy to handle hot parts as they are removed from the mould without altering them or leaving marks. Compared with traditional materials, SITON offers greater durability, prolonging the life of suction cups. This reduces the need for frequent replacements and minimizes machine downtime.

COVAL offers an extensive range of SITON suction pads, now covering 80% of the range of standard suction pads in sizes from 2 to 200 mm. Whether flat, oblong or bellows suction cups, SITON has become the standard at COVAL, and has become a reference standard in the plastics industry, especially for plastic parts coming out of the mould.


  • Plastics: handling of products which are still hot while being removed from the mould.
  • Cosmetics: handling of fragile products such as lipsticks.

SITON, qualities that make the difference:

  • Non-marking: bright colour and silicone-free
  • Good mechanical performance at high temperatures, 130°C continuous and up to 160°C peak.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance.



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