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Smalley Launches Retaining Ring Series

Smalley recently released a new series of tapered section retaining rings.

Tapered section retaining rings, also referred to as circlips, are retaining rings with a tapered radial wall. Designed for high-thrust loads and heavy-duty applications, tapered section retaining rings are an economical, efficient, and secure method to streamline an assembly.

Internal and external tapered section retaining rings are in stock from 0.25-3 inches (6-76 mm).

Smalley partnered with Beneri, an Italian circlip manufacturer, for the retaining ring solutions.

For free samples, visit www.smalley.com/request-retaining-ring-and-wave-spring-samples. For more information, visit www.smalley.com/retaining-rings/tapered-section-circlips.

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