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Southwire and Murrelektronik Products Among New AutomationDirect Offerings

AutomationDirect recently announced that it will carry Murrelektronik distribution junction blocks, Southwire testers, and a new size of instrumentation cable.

Southwire Products 

The AutomationDirect lineup of tools and test equipment now includes digital multimeters, clamp-on True RMS multimeters, voltage testers, and continuity testers from Southwire.

Southwire digital multimeters test for AC/DC voltage, current, resistance, continuity, capacitance, frequency, duty cycle, or temperature. All meters meet or exceed UL testing standards. Models are available with auto or manual ranging and noncontact voltage detection. Clamp-on True RMS multimeters measure AC/DC current up to 1000A and include functions for resistance, continuity, capacitance, frequency, duty cycle, temperature, and diode test. 

Southwire voltage testers are available with removable remote indicator, LED indication, and audible indication. UL listed models offer up to 600V detection ranges and up to Cat IV safety ratings. Cable continuity status testers are available with removable remote indicator, and LED and additional audible indication of continuity and polarity. The detachable remote allows cables and wires to be tested after installation. A data/video cable tester, with easy-to-interpret LED display, detects issues with network and coaxial cables.

For more information, visit www.automationdirect.com/multimeters.

Murrelektronik Junction Blocks 

Murrelektronik supplies a comprehensive range of distribution junction blocks that provide a convenient method for connecting sensors and actuators to the control cabinet. They create optimum installations for any application and are cost-effective, reliable, and space saving solutions.

Murr blocks add M8-style connectivity as well as M12 12-pin and terminal block home run options. The junction blocks feature a 30-mm (1.8-inch) wide footprint that saves space and offers flexible mounting options. Integrated LED indicators assist troubleshooting and overmolded bodies provide vibration and environmental protection. The distribution blocks are available with an integrated cable or the home run cabling option. 

The passive distribution blocks support 18-30.2 VDC signals, are IP67 rated and UL/CE approved, and include marking tags.

For more information, visit www.automationdirect.com/junction-blocks.

20 AWG Instrumentation Cable Added

Multiconductor instrumentation cable in 20 AWG diameter has been added to AutomationDirect’s 18 AWG and 16 AWG sizes. Instrumentation cable is typically used in industrial instrumentation, control, alarm, and energy management circuits. 

These 300V UL cables have 1, 2, 4, or 8 twisted pairs with overall shield or in 2, 4, or 8 individually shielded twisted pairs with an overall shield. The overall shielded cables have an aluminum/polyester foil shield with 100% coverage and a tinned copper continuous drain wire for protection against external electrical noise interference. Cables with both individually shielded pairs and an overall shield have aluminum/polyester foil shields with separate tinned copper continuous drain wires. Individual conductor pairs are stranded bare copper with black and white PVC insulation. The black PVC outer jacket is sunlight and moisture resistant. 

For more information, visit www.automationdirect.com/instrumentation-cable.


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