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Students Learn About Fluid Power Through NFPA-Funded Projects

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The NFPA Education and Technology Foundation awarded six teaching grants. The projects began in January 2015 and give students the opportunity to learn about and study fluid power.

  • At Western New England University, a senior mechanical engineering student is involved in the design and modeling of the Development of Servo-Pneumatic Experimental and Learning Platform project, led by Professor Jose Riofrio.
  • At the Milwaukee School of Engineering, a team of students from mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science will develop and design the Educational Agile Pneumatic Robot project, led by Professor Luis Rodriguez.
  • At the Georgia Institute of Technology, students will be introduced to advanced control techniques in their ME6404 Pneumatics coursework, led by Professor William Singhose.
  • At Hennepin Technical College, students will build, design, and source components for the Hydro-Cycle project, led by a student, Chase Korth.
  • At Purdue University, students will design and develop a Multi-User Load-Sensing System Educational Test Station, led by Professor Andrea Vacca. Upon completion, the test station will be used for lab exercises in ABE 435 Hydraulic Control Systems coursework.
  • At the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, teams of students will develop the project timeline, design, analyze, assemble, and test a bicycle for the Exploring Fluid Power Through Fluid-Powered Bicycle project, led by Professor Elizabeth Hsiao-Wecksler.
For more information about the projects and how you can get involved, contact Sue Chase at schase@nfpa.com.


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