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This week at OTC: Winters’ Transmitter Series

At the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston this week, Winters Instruments launches its WinSMART family of explosion-proof smart transmitters for analogue and digital communications.

The LY16 Series  pressure transmitter offers pressure ratings from compound up to 14,500 psi (1,000 bar), with all stainless steel wetted parts with pressure monitoring.


The LY36 Series  differential transmitter is rated from inches of water to 1,450 psi (100 bar) with differential pressure monitoring.



The TY52 Series temperature transmitter has a PT100 RTD sensor and an array of stem lengths. It can be used anywhere temperature measurement is required.


All configurations include 4/20mA, 4/20mA + HART, 1/5VDC or MODBUS communication options, allowing connection to any PLC or PAC device.

Winters is also launching its MVA 3- and 5-handle manifolds, designed to be perfectly installed with the LY36 Series differential transmitter. Manifolds are critical in process and industrial environments to enable shutdowns for testing, repairing, and upgrading instruments.


For more information, visit www.winters.com/.


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