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Trelleborg Launches D-Seal Design to Lower Emmissions

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions recently launched its enhanced double D-seal, a resilient, dual-function sealing and damping solution specifically developed to meet the needs of the automotive, truck, and transportation industry. 

Designed specifically for static and semidynamic powertrain applications in which vibrations can cause damage, D-seals can extend the time-to-service intervals of the engine, contributing to lower emissions through improved efficiency. 

Developed as an alternative to O-rings, X-rings, square-rings, and other oval-shaped seals, Trelleborg developed two main designs of the D-seal: an enhanced double D-shaped seal and an updated single D-shaped seal. The robust designs each have a customized profile that effectively absorbs vibrations and maintains strength and rigidity. 

Trelleborg’s double D-shaped design includes sharper edges that ensure a tight seal fit, for example, against a cylinder lining, evenly distributing pressure to improve seal performance and eliminate the risk of leakage or cavitation damage, where water vapor bubbles form and damage metallic components. 

Available in a wide choice of industry-approved materials, D-seals can be manufactured to provide specific characteristics including temperature, pressure, or media resistance, and colored to aid in identification or camera detection to support automated processes. Additional assembly coatings can also be added to D-seals to reduce assembly forces and eliminate lubrication during installation. 

For more information, visit www.trelleborg.com/en/seals/products-and-solutions/latest-innovations/d-seal.

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