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Emerson Valves for Exacting Applications

Emerson recently introduced the ASCO Series 209 proportional flow control valves, which offer the highest standards of precision, pressure ratings, flow characteristics, and energy efficiency available in a purpose-built, compact architecture.

With this combination of size and performance, Series 209 valves allow users to precisely regulate the flow of fluid in a wide range of devices that require exacting performance, like those found in the medical equipment, food and beverage, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industries.

Accuracy, response time, and repeatability are critical in high-precision flow control applications such as controlling tool speed in dental chairs, the flow of steam in coffee makers, water flow in cooling systems, and hydrogen flow in fuel cells. Series 209 valves have low hysteresis (less than or equal to 5%), excellent repeatability (less than or equal to 1%), and high sensitivity (less than or equal to 0.2%) that contribute to their precision.

The low power consumption and fast response time (less than or equal to 15 milliseconds) of Series 209 can extend battery life in devices powered by them and optimize system performance and efficiency. An improved internal design prevents metal-on-metal contact that causes clicking, which allows valves to operate at extremely low sound levels that are crucial for occupant comfort and well-being in medical, commercial building, and food service and hospitality environments.

For more information, click here or visit www.emerson.com/en-us.

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