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Our 230v Air Knife allows you to shrink a Clean Seal Capsule onto a hose, tube, or pipe assembly in under one second. A single pass through the Air Knife is all that is needed to fully seal single or multiple assemblies. A Magnetic puck ensures that the capsule is held on properly, allowing for easy capsule sealing on 45° or 90° fittings. A large 110mm Air Knife opening allows for sealing fittings up to 3”.
Main benefits of the UC-CSS-230V-AK and Clean Seal Capsules include:

  • Save time by sealing multiple assemblies in under one second.
  • Eliminate excessive Injection molded cap and plug inventory.
  • Clean Seal Capsules stay on until you’re ready to remove them with the built in tear strip.
  • Eliminate re-contamination during transportation and storage.
  • Provide a tamper-proof seal of hose and tube assemblies.

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