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Feb. 18: Testing Mobile Hydraulic Equipment: A Basic Overview

Presented by Bradley Wagner, CFPAI, Manitowoc Cranes, Product Verification Center

Testing mobile hydraulic equipment for performance tuning, application approvals, or troubleshooting can be a daunting task. This presentation looks at the basics of testing mobile hydraulic equipment, specifically including safety considerations, possible test equipment, and things to consider when testing with real-world examples.

Mar. 11: Cylinder Synchronization … Keeping It Together

Presented by Dan Turner, CFPAI, Turner Hydraulics

A discussion on cylinder synchronization including methods, determining the best methods, and unexpected outcomes.

Apr 22: Hydraulic Manifold Design

Presented by Walter Sverko, CFPHS

Manifolds simplify hydraulic system design by reducing the need for extensive line connections and associated couplings. They reduce design space and are easy to maintain and service. The basics of translating a hydraulic schematic into a functional manifold block layout will be explored.

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