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Virtual NFPA/FPIC Conference Features ‘Revamped’ Networking

When the National Fluid Power Association and the Fluid Power Industrial Consortium hold their joint regional conference on Dec. 3, attendees can take advantage of “revamped” networking opportunities, NFPA said in a press release.

The conference will be hosted for the first time on the virtual platform Remo, which NFPA said will deliver quality content “while also exceeding the interactivity capabilities of the typical virtual experience.” Features of the upcoming event include:

Virtual networking ballroom: Remo features a unique approach to face-to-face interaction. Before and after presentations, attendees can “mingle” at virtual tables where they can join video chatrooms that host several guests at a time. “This approach is a more organic way to initiate networking between attendees and mimics the traditional interaction of an in-person conference as closely as possible,” NFPA said. 

Live questions and answers: Remo’s Q&A feature allows guests to type a question and receive real-time responses from the presenter. Attendees and presenters can actively participate in the conversation and expand on the presented content. 

Chat: When attendees want to comment, they can use a chat box to share their thoughts with panelists and attendees. This space allows for adding supplemental comments and information to continue the conversation forward.

Polling: Another way NFPA intends to engage the audience is through polls to which attendees can easily respond via computer or smartphone. After voting, results are made visible to attendees to jumpstart discussion. 

The platform upgrade “is the optimum next step for NFPA and FPIC to ensure our attendees have an engaging and interactive experience,” the press release said. The two organizations made the networking changes in response to attendee feedback.

The Dec. 3 conference takes place from 9 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. Eastern time. Registration is open until Nov. 30. Register here.

A Remo tutorial is available here.

For more information, contact Maddie Parise at mparise@nfpa.com or (414) 259-2022.

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