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Webtec Run-Time Meter Ideal for Rented Equipment

Webtec’s new RFS200 run-time meter is ideal for construction and agricultural machinery in which specialist hydraulic attachments can be centrally owned and rented on a time-used basis.

The RFS200 also ensures that owners can conduct maintenance on a time-used basis rather than machine hours, allowing for more astute and cost-effective management of hydraulic system health.

The meter is activated by the passage of hydraulic fluid to allow the precise monitoring of system usage. Notably, the RFS200 is unaffected by pressure, helping to ensure accurate and reliable readings.

On the RFS200, the switch point is fixed at 10 litres per minute, with an antitamper design for security. When the switch point is reached, the counter starts incrementing, as indicated by a blinking decimal point on the LCD display. The meter keeps counting whenever the flow rate remains above the trigger point. All counting is cumulative.

Another development is the inclusion of Webtec’s first-ever 3D-printed production part: the flow counter battery holder. 3D printing shortens lead times dramatically, increasing availability and rapid delivery.

The meter offers flow rates up to 200 lpm (53 gpm) and maximum pressure of 420 bar (6,092 psi). The RFS200 is bidirectional and allows oil to pass in reverse, but the counter will not be triggered. Suitable for use with hydraulic mineral oil to ISO 11158 category HM, fluid temperatures can be accommodated between -40°C (-40°F) and 100°C (212°F). Timer accuracy is ±0.2% over the specified temperature range.

For more information, visit www.webtec.com.

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