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Transformation Complete

Transformation Complete

Fluid power has become a vital component in our ability to perform work: it harvests our crops, takes our waste to the landfill, moves …


nef A Conversation with Jennifer George (2/23/2017)

Q: People know Rube Goldberg as a cartoonist who was trained as an engineer and, for many, the guy we learned about in elementary school who inspired those fun projects to accomplish a simple task with as many steps as possible. But he’s more than that to you. Tell us what he was like as […] Read More

NFPA Members Invited to Participate in MSOE’s Fluid Power Industry Consortium (2/21/2017)

Initiative Will Help Support NFPA’s Road-Mapping Efforts by Eric Lanke NFPA President/CEO The Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) has announced the formation of a new Fluid Power Industry Consortium (FPIC). MSOE, with its Fluid Power Institute, is a recognized leader in fluid power education, motion control, research, and evaluation. It has established FPIC to further […] Read More

ranjan Profile: Bishwajit Ranjan (2/20/2017)

Why did you decide to work in the fluid power industry? While pursuing my engineering, I never thought of working in fluid power. Incidentally, as a young engineer, I got the opportunity to work in a large steel plant project. During installation and commissioning of the plant, I was exposed to the application of fluid […] Read More

Agenda Announced for World Fluid Power Summit at IFPE 2017 (2/17/2017)

The world of fluid power is getting ready to gather at IFPE 2017, but one event hosted by the National Fluid Power Association (NFPA) will truly bring the world of fluid power together for information sharing and education. The World Fluid Power Summit will be held on Thursday, March 9, 2017, beginning at 12 noon, […] Read More

Ben-Howard Rethinking Hydraulic Safety (2/16/2017)

According to the International Hydraulic Safety Authority (IHSA), hydraulics and electricity are both forms of transmitting energy, and most often hydraulics is comparable with electricity in regards to the risk levels faced by operators. Hydraulics, just like electricity, must be respected to maintain safety, yet, in a real-world application, the safety standards greatly differ—despite the […] Read More

CCEFP Moves Forward on Strategic Priorities (2/15/2017)

CCEFP Strategy Led by Faculty Experts and Industry Leaders The Center for Compact and Efficient Fluid Power (CCEFP) continues to make progress toward its three strategic research priorities, those being the creation of fluid power funding opportunities within government agencies, such as off-highway vehicles through the Department of Energy (DOE), human-scale systems through the Department […] Read More

Innovative Hydraulics Launches New Website Resource (2/14/2017)

Innovative Hydraulics, Wausau, Wis., launched www.innovativehyd.com, a website dedicated to the company’s custom hydraulic cylinder business. It showcases the company’s expertise in the markets of oil and gas, civil and defense, and large custom industrial applications for hydraulic cylinders. Read More

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 3.25.26 PM FluiDyne Fluid Power (2/10/2017)

Your Trusted Choice for Hydraulic Pumps, Motors & Valves! New line card video from FluiDyne. Read More

Hydraulic Systems Volume 2 Book Released (2/10/2017)

Hydraulic Systems Volume 2: Electro-Hydraulic Components and Systems by Dr. Medhat Khalil, Ph.D., CFPHS, CFPAI, from Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) presents constructional and operational qualitative analogies between electrical, hydraulic, and electro-hydraulic systems. The book presents real-life examples of various types of electro-hydraulic valves, as well as the technicalities of in-field tuning of open-loop and […] Read More

eaton feat Limp Mode Allows Machines to Stay Operational (2/9/2017)

Hydraulic equipment is changing. As end users look to intelligent systems to improve machine performance without sacrificing the power density hydraulics provide, embedded sensors are becoming commonplace. These sensors allow equipment to communicate data about machine performance and even alert operators of problems so they can quickly be addressed. This integration of electronic components has […] Read More

airteaser-icon Problem: Extending and Retracting Forces (2/8/2017)

What are the extending and retracting forces? Think you know the answer? Submit it at http://ifps.org/docs/education_training/fluid_power_math_teaser/answer.aspx This teaser is printed in the Fluid Power Journal. Those who submit the correct answer before the deadline will have their names printed in the Society Page newsletter and in Fluid Power Journal. The winners will also be entered into a […] Read More

iso5 ISO Standards for Hydraulic Systems and Pneumatic Systems (2/6/2017)

Jerry Carlin, Past Chair of ISO TC 131/SC9 (2003-2015) Formal standardization of hydraulic and pneumatic systems best practices began in the early 1950s through the efforts of the Joint Industrial Council (JIC) made up of automotive manufacturing experts (Fig. 1). ISO TC131/SC9 addressed this subject in the 1970s, resulting in the release of ISO 4413 […] Read More

NFPA to Host World Fluid Power Summit at IFPE 2017 (2/3/2017)

by Eric Lanke NFPA President/CEO The world of fluid power is already making its plans to gather at IFPE 2017, the leading international exposition and technical conference dedicated to the integration of fluid power with other technologies for power transmission and motion control applications. But one event currently being organized and hosted by the NFPA […] Read More



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