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Pneumatics and Machine Design

Pneumatics and Machine Design

This article is a bullet-point summary of pneumatics and basic machine design considerations when using pneumatic technology. It is not …

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How Do You Know When You’re Ready for Electro-Hydraulic Implementation? (7/25/2016)

The integration of electronics and hydraulics has grown dramatically in recent years, but not everyone has jumped on the bandwagon. For those considering implementing electro-hydraulic (EH) solutions, the key question often boils down to: “How do you know when you’re ready?” To answer that question, those considering EH implementation should consider the benefits available, evaluate […] Read More

bauma2 Record Demand at Bauma 2016 (7/21/2016)

The seven-day show at Bauma 2016 attracted around 580,000 visitors from 200 countries—an increase of more than 9%—to Munich between April 11 and 17. After Germany, the top ten countries of origin among the visitors were Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, the Netherlands, UK, Sweden, the Russian Federation, Poland, and the Czech Republic. A total of […] Read More

skills feat 2016 Skills Competition (7/14/2016)

Hosted by Alexandria Technical and Community College 2016 Student of the Year Awards At the skills competition, the instructors chose one student from each school to receive the Student of the Year Award. Each recipient received a check for $100.00 donated by Chapter 5. Zachary Zink – Alexandria Technical and Community College Brandon Benson, CFPS […] Read More

measuring feat Measuring Marine Tank Fluid Levels with Pneumatics (7/11/2016)

Marine vessels need to reliably and accurately measure fluid levels within tanks aboard their ships for a variety of reasons. These tanks come in multiple sizes and may be used for a wide range of materials, such as fresh water/potable water; seawater/bilge water; black/grey sewage; diesel oil, petroleum, gas oil, dirty oil, sludge; and heavy […] Read More

otc feat 2016 Offshore Technology Conference Attendance Ranks in Top 15 (7/7/2016)

Offshore energy industry experts and leaders gathered from across the world at NRG Park in Houston, Tex., from May 2-5 for the 2016 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC). More than 68,000 attendees from 120 countries gathered, placing this year’s OTC among the top 15 highest attended in its 48-year history. The exhibition floor was sold out […] Read More

oil and water feat Oil And Water Just Don’t Mix! (7/5/2016)

Essential Tips to Keep Your Fluid Power System in Excellent Shape in a Marine Environment Conducting proper inspections and maintenance on the fluid power systems of heavy machinery is crucial. Such measures maximize the life of the equipment and reduce the costly downtime that results from unexpected breakdowns. But they also perform another important function: […] Read More

tier iv Machine Design Considerations When Transitioning to Tier IV Diesel Engines (7/1/2016)

Many of our OEMs are going through the process of changing to Tier IV diesel engines and controls. In smaller horsepower designs, this may be the first time they are dealing with electronic engine controls and the J1939 control networks. Prototyping and testing with these new engines and controls could not be more critical. The […] Read More

figureitout-logo Elevator Stopping (6/23/2016)

A simple circuit was designed to lift a service elevator up from the basement to the third floor. The HPU had a pressure-compensated pump and a three-position proportional directional valve. A proximity switch was used at each floor to signal the small PLC that, in turn, would signal the valve amplifier card to start de-acceleration […] Read More

james-clements Engineers Must be Uniquely Prepared for the Future (6/20/2016)

A Q&A with Clemson University President Dr. James P. Clements Q: What is engineering’s role in keeping America competitive in the global economy? A: Engineers are the critical link between theory and application. They take ideas out of the lab and translate them to technology that can be used in the real world. To remain […] Read More

photo feat 2016 Fluid Power Professionals’ Day Photo Contest (6/17/2016)

The Fluid Power Professionals’ Day Photo Contest was created to commemorate the wonder of fluid power and the talented professionals who work in this powerful industry. As a fun, creative way to celebrate Fluid Power Professionals’ Day (June 19 – Blaise Pascal’s birthday!), participants were encouraged to submit photos in four categories—Fluid Power in Motion, […] Read More



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