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Punkin Chunkin

Using Technology to See How Far a Pumpkin Can Fly Each year, people converge on a piece of land with their trebuchets, catapults, …


cac Measure Compressed Air Efficiency and Save (10/20/2016)

Air compressors and dryers are usually decked out with a good set of gauges to measure pressure and temperature, but rarely is there anything that shows the efficiency of your system and the level of waste. Compressed air is one of the most costly utilities in a typical facility, yet systems are often left to […] Read More

kim-stelson Innovation is the Key to Progress (10/17/2016)

I have heard many engineers complain that industry is too timid when it comes to innovation. Incremental improvements are pursued while major opportunities for game-changing opportunities are rejected because of cost and risk. These impressions are backed up with solid evidence. In his influential book, “The Rise and Fall of American Growth,” Northwestern University Economics […] Read More

load-sensor Load Sensors: Types and Best Practices in Selection and Installation (10/13/2016)

Various load cell types are preferred, relative to the needs of the laboratory or operational environment. When you need to convert force into a measurable electrical output, the load cell or transducer is the best application. Strain gage load cells are accurate within 0.03 to 0.25%. Used for experimental stress analysis and electrical measurement of […] Read More

torque-feat Transforming Fluid Power: My Torque Isn’t Working (10/10/2016)

Fluid power has become a vital component in our ability to perform work: it harvests our crops, takes our waste to the landfill, moves the landing gear, entertains and protects us, and all with a power density and flexibility that is unmatched in any other power transfer system. However, when it comes to efficiency, fluid […] Read More

airteaser-icon Problem: Minimum Pressure (10/6/2016)

What would be the minimum pressure required to hold the given load on the pneumatic cylinder? Think you know the answer? Submit it at http://ifps.org/docs/education_training/fluid_power_math_teaser/answer.aspx *Special thanks to Chad Grimmer, who suggested this Air Teaser.  This teaser is printed in the Fluid Power Journal. Those who submit the correct answer before the deadline will have their names […] Read More

IGP Invests in Des-Case (10/6/2016)

Industrial Growth Partners (IGP), a San Francisco-based private equity firm, acquired the parent company of Des-Case Corp. With a 20-year history in the industrial sector, IGP provides strategic and operational support to its portfolio companies and has extensive experience building global manufacturing businesses. www.descase.com Read More

Hercules Sealing Products Offers Online Resource (10/5/2016)

Hercules Sealing Products released an enhanced website that offers users several new features, such as single-page checkout, product availability before login, quick order session save, enhanced search options, and faster speed. The new website can be found at www.herculesUS.com. Read More

Parker Aerospace Selected to Support Engine Development (10/5/2016)

Parker Aerospace, a business segment of Parker Hannifin Corp., has been selected by Rolls-Royce to support the newest turbofan engine development program, the Rolls-Royce Trent 7000, exclusively for the Airbus A330neo platform. The bill of material that Parker Aerospace will provide includes main engine oil pumps, oil tanks, the fuel nozzles and manifold, plus a […] Read More

Curtiss-Wright Awarded $80 Million in Contracts for U.S. Naval Defense Platform (10/5/2016)

Curtiss-Wright Corp. has been contracted to provide valves for the U.S. Navy’s Virginia-class submarines and Ford-class aircraft carriers. The awards were received from Bechtel Plant Machinery, Inc. and General Dynamics Electric Boat Division to support ship construction and spare parts procurement. Contracts include FY16 orders of two ship sets of submarine propulsion plant valves, a […] Read More

Anchor Fluid Power Acquires TCF Industries (10/5/2016)

Anchor Fluid Power, a manufacturer of flanges and fittings, has acquired TCF Industries, a manufacturer of custom fittings and flanges for the petroleum, offshore, sanitary, and chemical markets, based in Houston, Tex. Soon after the acquisition, both companies merged operations into a facility located in Houston. The new site provides additional space for manufacturing, warehousing, […] Read More

RG Group Acquires Fluid Component Services (10/5/2016)

On August 1, 2016, RG Group, headquartered in York, Pa., acquired Fluid Component Services, a technical service provider of hydraulic and pneumatic systems and sub-systems to the energy, marine, and industrial markets. The acquisition will allow RG Group to strengthen its ability to provide complete field service and installation to its regional customers and to […] Read More

Chemtura Expands Distribution Business (10/5/2016)

Chemtura Corp. announced that effective September 1, 2016, Canoil Canada Limited will be its distributor for finished grease products sold under the G-1000™ and G-2000™ series brand in Canada. Chemtura will transition customers for the both series to Canoil in Canada and to Chemtura’s direct sales team in the U.S. Customers can contact Bill Perry […] Read More

news2 Daman Celebrates Employees, Leadership Advancements (10/5/2016)

At its quarterly meeting, Daman’s leadership team announced that Dave Mischier, previously executive vice president, is now president of Daman Products, and Larry Davis, previously president, is now chief executive officer. Mr. Davis has been with the company since the beginning, 40 years ago, and has served as president for the past 13. Mr. Mischier […] Read More



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