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Why We Need a Global Standard to Measure Shifting Time of a Control Valve

Why We Need a Global Standard to Measure Shifting Time of a Control Valve

By Mary Dyksterhouse, Lab Manager at Parker Hannifin Pneumatic Division, Nominated by the U.S. Technical Advisory Group to become the …

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NFPA Publishes 2017 Update to Technology Roadmap (12/14/2017) - By Eric Lanke, NFPA President/CEO A new publication, the 2017 NFPA Technology Roadmap: Improving the Design and Function of Fluid Power Components and Systems, has been published by the National Fluid Power Association. Copies can be downloaded after a brief registration process from this website. The purpose of the Roadmap is to provide NFPA member […]
Low Vacuum High flow (12/11/2017) - By Daniel Pascoe Most vacuum pick-and-place applications require a moderate vacuum level of about 20+”Hg. For example, a 40-mm diameter cup has a theoretical lifting force at this vacuum level of about 17 lbs. This is of course affected by numerous conditions such as inertia and surface type. There are many options the user may […]
Students Show Off Projects in Fluid Power Lab (12/7/2017) - The end of the semester brought the completion of various student projects at Triton College in River Grove, Illinois. Triton won a Fluid Power Laboratory Grant from the NFPA Technology and Education Foundation and used the funds to purchase equipment and supplies for a new lab, which was used for lecture and build time, and […]
Download the Transforming Fluid Power PowerPoint (12/4/2017) - Click on the image below to download the PowerPoint presentation for Dan Helgerson’s “Transforming Fluid Power” series.  
Contamination: How Its Cure Can Be Worse Than The Disease (12/4/2017) - By Brendan Casey, HydraulicSupermarket.com Given that removing contaminants from the oil to extend hydraulic component life is the primary objective of filtration, it is a paradox for filters to be located where they reduce the service life of components they were installed to protect. So when considering the possible locations for filters in a hydraulic system, […]
Have a Knack for Training? (11/30/2017) - Get Certified as an IFPS Accredited Instructor IFPS Accredited Instructors (AI) are certified professionals who educate, train and prepare candidates for IFPS Certification Programs. AIs have extensive backgrounds and instructional experience in the fluid power industry. In addition to their instructor accreditation, they are committed IFPS members and hold various IFPS certifications. IFPS Authorized Job […]
Miniature 10-32 Compression Fitting for Use with 1/32″ OD Tubing (11/29/2017) - The Beswick MCB-32 is designed with a two-piece ferrule and a 10-32 UNF thread along with the Beswick captured o-ring face seal. The Beswick captured o-ring face seal provides a leak-tight connection between the 10-32 UNF thread and the mating component. Typical tubing choices include 1/32 inch OD stainless steel and PEEK tubing. The MCB-32 […]
Cylinder Speeds Up On Its Own (11/27/2017) - An aluminum mill has a system that pushes a large aluminum ingot from one conveyor to another. The operator complained that the pushing speed kept increasing over time even though he adjusted the meter-out flow control clock-wise to slow it down. A maintenance technician told his supervisor that the operator just needed to adjust the […]
Avoid Leadership Pitfalls: Direction Vs. Speed (11/23/2017) - By Elizabeth McCormick Have you ever had a day where your wheels spin a bit slower?  Have you noticed your team not putting the usual miles in at the office? Could it be burnout?  The need for a vacation? Or is there something more underlying the malaise? Many have experienced a much bigger drag on […]
Clippard High Flow Proportional Electronic Valves (11/22/2017) - Clippard’s newest DVP series proportional solenoid valves are precision-built 2-way control valves, utilizing a patented valving principle. They are designed as the next generation of the original EV line of Clippard “Mouse” valves and are suitable for many applications across numerous industries. The DVP series valve provides air or gas flow control and varies the […]
The Compressed Air Energy Equation (11/20/2017) - By Ron Marshall Something about the compressed-air-system energy equation doesn’t appear to add up. Compared to what goes into the compressors, little energy is delivered at the far end of the system. Figuring It Out To realize the impact of this, you must do some calculations. Let’s take a vane-style air motor as an example, […]
IO-Link: A Step Toward Smart Manufacturing (11/16/2017) - By Sam Skelton, CFPPS Festo Corporation Control engineers and plant maintenance personnel responsible for machine design and maintenance are continuously inundated with information about new connectivity technology for automation. Although this flood of new ideas and concepts can be overwhelming, it does show that “smart manufacturing” is on its way, a statement most manufacturers would […]
MP Filtri Invests in Research and Testing Laboratory (11/15/2017) - MP Filtri, a company specializing in hydraulic filtering, recently invested 2.5 million euros in building a 1200 sq m laboratory for researching and testing its global-market products in extreme conditions. As a result of a recent agreement with Milan Polytechnic, through the Piacenza Territorial Pole, new return-line filter prototypes have been developed and used as […]



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