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Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluids: Cost vs. Benefits

Fire-Resistant Hydraulic Fluids: Cost vs. Benefits

A large automotive components manufacturer had a series of fires on its hot stamping lines—all caused by oil from ruptured hoses or …


khalil5 Motion Control of a Single Actuator Against a Resistive Load (9/30/2016)

This series of articles covers the basic safety and energy-saving requirements of a hydraulic system. This third installment presents ideas for motion control of a single hydraulic actuator against resistive and running load. Motion Control of a Single Actuator Depending on the sign (positive or negative) of the load, as shown in Fig. 1, a […] Read More

eaton feat Contamination Control System Does the Dirty Work (9/29/2016)

Eaton’s condition-monitoring system helps industrial vacuum truck manufacturer determine the condition of hydraulic oil and sources of contamination to improve product performance. Background Dirty hydraulic fluid is the root cause of up to 80% of all hydraulic system problems. If hydraulic oil is contaminated, there are a number of potentially detrimental effects that can diminish […] Read More

denis-poirier Profile: Denis M. Poirier Jr., CFPAI/AJPP, CFPCC, CFPIHM (9/22/2016)

How did you begin your career in the fluid power industry? I took my first technical course in hydraulics and electro-mechanical maintenance in 1989 while serving on active duty in the United States Navy. As a young sailor working in the ordnance field, I was afforded a very up-close and personal understanding of the true […] Read More

safety-icon Are You Competent When it Comes to Safety? (9/19/2016)

“Imagine a worksite where everyone takes responsibility for hazard recognition and control.” Competency – it’s a word we hear bantered about when we discuss a worker’s knowledge, skills, and aptitude with regard to safety. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a fully competent workforce, where every person was fully capable of […] Read More

Dean-Houdeshell Energy Efficient Hydraulics & Pneumatics Conference Returns in 2017 (9/15/2016)

Efficient consumption of energy is one of the key concerns around the world today. In fact, my local power company regularly prepares a report so I know how my household energy consumption compares with other households in the neighborhood. I think this is great, because it creates an awareness of something I might have not […] Read More

intro7 Energy-Saving Considerations and Fixed Pump Unloading (9/14/2016)

An energy-saving design strategy must be applied in designing a hydraulic system. This design strategy considers many energy-saving issues that minimize the wasted energy during the operating and idle conditions of the system (that whole topic will be contained in another textbook of this series). For an introductory level, this article will focus on an […] Read More

nfpa4 NFPA, IFPS Members Educate DOE Assessors on Fluid Power Efficiency (9/14/2016)

by Eric Lanke, NFPA CEO The U.S. Department of Energy maintains more than 20 Industrial Assessment Centers (IACs) around the United States—university programs where energy management engineering students perform no-cost assessments of industrial facilities and make recommendations for reducing their overall energy consumption. According to the data I saw when I attended an IAC directors […] Read More

figureitout-logo Gear Pump Load Sense (9/12/2016)

A hydraulic distributor hired a sales engineer for a new territory they were moving into. The first customer the engineer visited requested a quote on a hydraulic system. The customer provided the following requirements to press two large forgings together: 5” bore cylinder with a 3.5” rod, 36” long DCV, 3-position with a return “kick […] Read More

nfpa3 NFPA Fluid Power Challenge Launches new website (9/9/2016)

by Lynn Beyer, NFPA Director of Workforce Development Programs I was moderately upset when Instagram recently changed its format. This social media site has been a friend to me, and it hurts to see an old friend that you love so much change! You will not mind the change at all when you see the […] Read More

lube2 How to Handle Complex Lubrication Issues (9/8/2016)

Cooperation Between Lubricant and Equipment Manufacturers Solves Pneumatic Application Problems Selecting the proper specialty lubricant for pneumatic components, drives, and control systems may involve complex factors that require extensive tribological expertise to understand. That’s because pneumatic equipment incorporates a variety of different elements—such as cylinders, motors, or valves—which are comprised of different materials that make the […] Read More

NFPA Continues to Strengthen the Fluid Power Industry (9/7/2016)

By Tricia Fulton, CFO, Sun Hydraulics Corp., 2016-17 NFPA Chairwoman of the Board In June of this year, the NFPA Board of Directors held its annual strategic retreat where we discussed many of the challenges faced by the fluid power industry and what NFPA is and should do to help our members address them. It […] Read More

flow feat Flow Means “Go”…Well, Not Exactly. (9/5/2016)

Fluid power has become a vital component in our ability to perform work: it harvests our crops, takes our waste to the landfill, moves the landing gear, entertains and protects us, and all with a power density and flexibility that is unmatched in any other power transfer system. However, when it comes to efficiency, fluid […] Read More

ecs Electronic Controls Specialist (ECS) (9/5/2016)

If you currently hold an IFPS Hydraulic Specialist, Pneumatic Specialist and/or Specialist certification, the ECS is a perfect complementary certification for you to obtain. Our newly revised study manual not only helps you prepare for the certification, but it is also a stand-alone reference guide. It contains vital and practical information on best practices for […] Read More



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