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Hose Testing Methods for Optimal Performance

Hose Testing Methods for Optimal Performance

Predicting the life of a hose and determining the source of a failure can be difficult. Understanding how or when a failure occurs is time, …

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Quads and the Fluid Power Systems Conference (2/10/2016)

When I first heard the word “quadrillion,” I thought it was a fictitious number like “gazillion” or “bazillion,” but it turns out to be a real number: 1015 or, if you will, a million times a billion. Now, I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time getting my mind around a number […] Read More

cac feat The Dirty 30 (2/7/2016)

A tool supplier called one day asking for help. A fiberglass plant was experiencing problems with one of its compressed air powered tools, a circular saw used to cut large pieces out of the molds. The performance of the tool was sluggish, and the workers complained that the tool lacked power and often stalled, which negatively […] Read More

eaton Rough-Terrain Telescopic Forklifts Keep Expeditionary Military Operations Up and Running (2/3/2016)

DuraForce Pumps from Eaton Equip the RT022 forklifts with reliable, precise control and maneuverability, even in difficult terrain. Kalmar specializes in port automation and energy-efficient cargo handling. Working to make every move count for its customers, the company has provided cargo-handling solutions to ports, terminals, distribution centers, and heavy industry since the 1940s. Kalmar was […] Read More

So, You Say You Want to Make a Difference (2/3/2016)

One of the most rewarding things that ever happened to me in the field of fluid power was when a high school student spoke to me after a two-hour pneumatic training session for FIRST robotics mentors.  She told me that she had learned more about physics in those two hours than she had learned in […] Read More

airteaser-icon Problem: What Is The Easiest Fix? (2/1/2016)

Why doesn’t the adjustable flow control regulate the speed to open a door equipped with an automatic door closer? What is the easiest fix? The original door closer works just fine to close the door. The cylinder retracts to open the door. The TD (Time Delay) is an off delay. Think you know the answer? Submit […] Read More

nfpa4 ISO Technical Committee Works to Advance Energy Efficiency (2/1/2016)

The International Standards Organization (ISO) technical committee for fluid power (TC 131), along with 19 of its subcommittees and working groups, converged on Frankfurt am Main, Germany and Milan, Italy in October to foster standards development within the hydraulics and pneumatics industries. The delegates in each committee/working group worked diligently to resolve and move many […] Read More

nfpa3 Call for Presenters: Share Your Expertise at Motion, Drive & Automation North America at IMTS (2/1/2016)

Help increase energy efficiency and productivity! NFPA is looking for industry experts to discuss best practices in fluid power at the Integrated Industries Conference, held during the Motion, Drive & Automation North America at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS). The Fluid Power Track of the Integrated Industries Conference is scheduled for September 14, 2016 […] Read More

nfpa2 NFPA’s New Market Information Website Launched (2/1/2016)

The new market information website now serves as the main point of entry for all NFPA data and reports on the latest industry trends, size, and forecasts for both the domestic and global marketplace. See it at http://nfpahub.com/stats. The new site is part of a wider cleanup of NFPA’s web presence, which included the revamped […] Read More

nfpa1 Fluid Power Industry Reviews, Selects Research Projects for CCEFP (2/1/2016)

One of the most common questions I get about the Center for Compact and Efficient Fluid Power (CCEFP) is how they pick which research projects to fund. It’s a question I love answering, because it’s a welcome surprise for many to learn that it is the fluid power industry, not academia, that provides the majority […] Read More

Underwrite a Scholarship (2/1/2016)

You can help keep the fluid power industry supplied with young professionals by becoming a scholarship underwriter. The Foundation’s trustees receive and review scholarship applications from students nationwide. If an application is approved, the student receives a $2,000 scholarship to help offset costs of tuition, housing, books, etc. All scholarship recipients also receive a complimentary […] Read More

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