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2018 Photo Contest Winners

2018 Photo Contest Winners

Each year, the International Fluid Power Society and the Fluid Power Journal hold a photo contest in honor of Fluid Power Professionals' …

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Fig 1: Zero-pressure intercept method. What is the Real Size of that Pump? (6/21/2018) - Revisions to ISO 8624: A standard for determination of the derived capacity of hydraulic pumps and motors By Jose M. Garcia-Bravo, CFPS, and Jason Nicholson Hydraulic pumps and motors are used in a wide number of systems from mobile to industrial markets. The integrators of such systems must consider the performance characteristics of the pump or […]
ifps certified professionals Certification Empowers Opportunity (6/20/2018) - Certification empowers individuals and companies with confidence, credibility and efficiency IFPS CERTIFICATION empowers fluid power distributors, manufacturers and end-users with: Increased credibility A fully trained and certified workforce The ability to set standards for assessing skill level of current or potential employees A safer and more efficient workforce Competency standards for advances in the industry […]
randy bobbitt Fluid Power Through the Eyes of an Electrical Engineer (6/18/2018) - By Randy Bobbitt, CFPS Fluid Power has been part of my life since 1984. I was initially hired by Hydro-Line Manufacturing because I was an experienced Electrical Engineer who could support linear position feedback devices that were integrated into NFPA industrial tie rod cylinders. I knew nothing about hydraulics at the time; however, I quickly […]
VFD120: Electric-operated Variable-priority Flow Divider (6/15/2018) - Developed for mobile applications, the new VFD120-E, which will be launched in the third quarter of 2018, can be used to remotely control hydraulic motor and cylinder speeds.  The VFD120-E can provide constant flow to a primary system while still powering a secondary system. The new IP66-rated flow divider is available in multiple variants, offering […]
industrial hydraulic valves Hydraulic Circuits: Industrial Valve, Mobile Valve, or Diverter Valve? (6/14/2018) - By Paul Badowski, CFPS, Cross Company – Mobile Hydraulics & Control Systems Group Industrial Hydraulic Valves Industrial hydraulic valves are available in mainly four sizes, D03, D05, D08, and D10. Specialty sizes are less common but available. Each size designates a particular flow requirement, D03 – @10 GPM or less, D05 – @20 GPM or […]
what's your story? How to Hire Top Candidates with Storytelling (6/13/2018) - By Henry DeVries A tough challenge for many executives is convincing top talent to join their company. A second challenge is training newcomers to understand the company’s core values. To become better at hiring and training, it pays to know how humans are hardwired for stories. If you want the prospective employees to think it […]
Acquisition of Morse Fluid Technologies (6/12/2018) - RG Group, a group of distribution and manufacturing companies that has been designing and delivering motion-control and fluid-handling products and solutions for over 60 years, has acquired Morse Fluid Technologies (MFT).  Founded in 1970, MFT, based in Ramsey, New Jersey, provides fluid processing and conveyance components and application-engineered solutions.  RG Group’s headquarters is located in […]
fig 1: pressure regulator Understanding The Characteristics of Pressure Regulators (6/11/2018) - Air regulators are pressure reducing valves. They keep the downstream pressure constant, regardless of fluctuations in either the upstream pressure or the rate of air consumption. This is only true, of course, if the upstream pressure is greater than the downstream pressure. The two types of pressure regulators are relieving and non-relieving. Relieving regulators will […]
Crimper with UNIFLEX Slide-bearing Technology (6/8/2018) - The HM 665 offers an opening stroke of more than 180 mm and an opening diameter of 580 mm (without dies). It can thus be used to crimp industrial hoses up to 12″ with ANSI flanges and pipe fittings up to 16″ without having to remove the dies. There is a fixed 6-o’clock die and […]
pressure gauge Why Differential Pressure Gauges? (6/7/2018) - Reduce Errors, Improve Operations and Protect Equipment with DP Monitoring By Jim Gill, Director of Sales & Marketing, Orange Research In the world of process control there are many measurement variables, generally falling under the headings of pressure, temperature, level, and flow. Instruments for measuring these variables allow system operators to monitor the condition and […]
Hybrid MEMS Proportional Fluid Control Valve Research to Watch: 16HS1: Hybrid MEMS Proportional Fluid Control Valve (6/6/2018) - This column will bring you the progress of the pre-competitive research being conducted at member universities that are part of the CCEFP network. This research will help give insight into the future direction of fluid power. The Center for Compact and Efficient Fluid Power (CCEFP) holds a monthly forum, highlighting research, workforce, and special topic […]
nfpa vehicle challenge Murray State Wins First Place at 2018 Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge (6/5/2018) - The 2018 Vehicle Challenge Competition at Danfoss in Ames, Iowa was a great success bringing together ten university student teams as well as judges and sponsors from eight NFPA member companies. The Vehicle Challenge is a competition that challenges students to design and build a bicycle using fluid power. The students that participated were highly […]
2018 Manufacturing Q&A (6/4/2018) - Larry Davis, CEO of Daman Products, started the development of Daman’s continuous improvement culture in the fluid power industry over 40 years ago. He has focused on evolving practiced lean manufacturing principles into being a lead promoter of CI in advance manufacturing and marketing concepts. Frank Langro is currently Director – Product Market Management, Pneumatic […]
2018 Manufacturers Directory Listing (6/1/2018) - Download our 2018 directory listing below. Click on the image for a PDF file. Need to find a manufacturer for a specific product? Search by product category HERE.    
safety gear June is Safety Awareness Month! (5/31/2018) - Online Hydraulic Safety Awareness Training IFPS, in conjunction with the International Hydraulics Safety Authority*, offers online Hydraulic Safety Awareness Training courses. Courses provide an awareness of hydraulic hazards in the workplace, in-depth reviews of potential exposures to injury from hydraulic systems, and ways to reduce risk and eliminate hazards for workers, equipment, companies and the environment. […]
nfpa milestone companies Milestone Membership Anniversaries for Five NFPA Member Companies (5/30/2018) - 30 Each year, NFPA acknowledges fluid power industry companies that have reached a significant membership milestone. This year is no different in the fact that the recognized companies value the benefits they receive as NFPA members and see the importance of long-term support. Founded in 1953, NFPA is the only trade association focused exclusively on […]
Don’t Forget to Celebrate! (5/29/2018) - Here are some ideas to get you started, but it’s your day to celebrate your way!
figure it out Oil-heater Problems with a Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) Located in an Unheated Shed (5/28/2018) - A metal fabrication shop has a 30-year-old bending press that can bend wide flange beams to a semi-circular shape. The machine was up-graded to bend larger beams and required additional floor space. The contractor located the HPU just outside the building in an unheated shed. The contractor told the customer that the unheated shed would […]
New PIRTEK Norfolk Owner (5/25/2018) - PIRTEK Norfolk serves a broad base of clients that includes military, seaport, and airports. The PIRTEK franchise, the only hydraulic hose service company operating in the port city, has been at 5760 Northampton Blvd, #104, Virginia Beach, VA, for about 10 years. The new owner, Jeff Ohstrom, who worked in corporate America for over 25 […]
Valve Adds Fire Safety to Pneumatic Control Systems (5/25/2018) - When fire occurs in refineries or producers of alcohol, perfumes, and any product that uses flammables, process valves need to quickly shutdown. Any pneumatic valve equipped with a FireChek® will shut down without the need for any external signal or power, as its shape-memory alloy responds to the ambient temperature. When working with flammable and […]



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