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Load Sensors: Types and Best Practices in Selection and Installation

Load Sensors: Types and Best Practices in Selection and Installation

Various load cell types are preferred, relative to the needs of the laboratory or operational environment. When you need to convert force …


NSF MME Workshop Helps Chart Course for Fluid Power Advanced Manufacturing Research (12/1/2016)

By Eric Lanke, NFPA President/CEO Back in May I participated in a workshop on Fluid Power Advanced Manufacturing, hosted by the University of Minnesota and funded by the Manufacturing Machines and Equipment (MME) Division of the National Science Foundation (NSF). The objective of the workshop was to bring together experts from industry, academia, and national […] Read More

Meeting with DOE VTO Begins Fluid Power Research Discussion (12/1/2016)

By Eric Lanke, NFPA President/CEO With our university research and education partner the Center for Compact and Efficient Fluid Power (CCEFP), NFPA has been pursuing the creation of a new fluid power research program within the Vehicles Technology Office (VTO) of the U.S. Department of Energy. We’re still hoping to get $5 million for this […] Read More

figureitout-logo Steel Mill Accumulator (11/28/2016)

Years ago we built the complete hydraulic system for a continuous steel caster at a steel producer. The HPU had a 300-gallon reservoir with 6 pumps each driven by 300-hp motors, as well as a filter and cooling system. There were several very large manifold stands and two large bag-type accumulator assemblies. Each accumulator stand […] Read More

mark-castle Hydraulics in the Entertainment Industry Present an Interesting, Challenging Career Opportunity (11/24/2016)

By Mark Castle, Head of Automation KÀ at MGM Hotel and Casino During my career in the entertainment business, I have had the opportunity to design, build, install, and maintain many different types of control systems for a variety of applications. My focus over the last 10 years has been with Cirque Du Soleil’s production of […] Read More

product2 Precision Diaphragm Regulators (11/23/2016)

The ISO 9001: 2008 DR-2 series provides greater accuracy and repeatability (+/-0.15 psi) to the MAR series regulator line while maintaining the same flow and performance in a small package. Regulators are offered in either relieving or non-relieving versions. The relieving design maintains a constant pressure output even when downstream conditions change, while non-relieving regulators […] Read More

product1 Pressure Transmitter (11/23/2016)

The Model 386 pressure transmitter features a flush tip-zero cavity design, which eliminates the traditional measurement challenges of port clogging. It also removes installation torque effects on the output signal. The stainless-steel-machined diaphragm (Inconel optional) design, along with all-welded sealed housings, makes the unit virtually impervious to fluid ingress, reducing the risk of potential damage […] Read More

profile Profile: Engrenage Provincial Inc. (11/21/2016)

An Interview with Maxime Moisan, ing., MASc., CFPS, Director of Training What makes your company stand out in the industry? The scope of our services, our innovative side, and our staff. This gives us a good reputation of helping our customers when they would otherwise give up on a situation. What role does IFPS certification […] Read More

imts IMTS 2016 (11/17/2016)

Third Largest Show for Registration and Exhibit Space, also Showcased Highest Number of Exhibitors in History The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) ran from September 12-17 at Chicago’s McCormick Place. The 31st edition of the show was the third largest in number of registrations (115,612) and in net square feet of exhibit space (1,370,256). This […] Read More

ifpe-logo Future of Fluid Power Session Confirmed for IFPE Conference (11/16/2016)

By Eric Lanke, NFPA President/CEO The next Energy Efficient Hydraulics and Pneumatics Conference (EEHPC) will be held in March 2017 in conjunction with the IFPE tradeshow. While the focus of the EEHPC is to educate engineers and technicians in the design concepts critical to developing efficient fluid power systems, and the diagnostic and maintenance techniques […] Read More

basic3 The Basics of Variable-Displacement Pump Controls (11/14/2016)

If you are operating a vane or gear pump, in most cases the controls are fairly simple. The pump is either loaded (doing work) or unloaded (all flow going back to the reservoir). These are primarily fixed-displacement devices, so the amount of flow is only based on the input RPM; otherwise, the flow remains constant. This […] Read More

staff9 Meet the Staff of the IFPS (11/10/2016)

Advancing Knowledge and Certification of Fluid Power Professionals Started working for the IFPS: I started working in the fluid power industry in 1994 when I was hired at an Association Management Company (AMC) who managed the Fluid Power Distributors Association (now known as The FPDA Motion & Control Network). I started working with the IFPS […] Read More

rich-bullers The IFPS Announces 2017 President (11/9/2016)

The International Fluid Power Society (IFPS) is pleased to announce Richard Bullers, CFPPS, SMC Corp. of America, who was elected the 57th president of IFPS during its annual meeting in Kansas City, Mo. Mr. Bullers will take office in January 2017. Mr. Bullers has served as IFPS first vice president, IFPS vice president of membership […] Read More

IFPS Fluid Power Engineer Certification (11/9/2016)

All Certified Professional Engineers or degree equivalent (Bachelor of Science from ABET-recognized university) may apply for this certification. Additional requirements: Requirements for IFPS Engineer Certification: 1.IFPS Specialist Certification* (effective January 1, 2018, all three Specialist certifications will be required) Hydraulic Specialist certification, AND/OR Pneumatic Specialist certification, AND/OR Electronic Controls certification 2. Connector & Conductor written […] Read More



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