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StepLock Piston Seals

These seals are designed for 7,000 psi working pressure and pressure spikes to 20,000 psi.

Lap Cut Wear Rings

Replace glass filled wear rings with precision machined POM wear rings that are lap cut to improve the life of all hydraulic system components, and to reduce breakage from pressure spikes.

6,000 psi Cylinders

We offer Attachment cylinders for shorter stroke applications that see higher work induced compressive forces, and the long stroke cylinders that are designed for longer stroke applications that see higher work induced tension forces.

6,000 psi Rotary Unions

Our 6,000 psi rotary unions are made to order. These can be built with most common port sizes, have 1 or more passages in and out, and a center port for electrical.

Our newest product is Manchester replacement ID grooving inserts, in steel cutting grade. These are used with our stepped boring bar, which can fit into bores of 1.181” up to 2.16” deep, bores of 1.475” up to 3.55” deep, and bores of 1.831 up to 5” deep with a maximum groove depth of .315”.


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