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2012 Annual IFPS Meeting Recap

Special thanks to the 40 International Fluid Power Society (IFPS) professional members who recently met in Anaheim, Calif., to conduct the IFPS 2012 annual meeting. These dedicated members steer the Board of Directors meeting, committee meetings, and strategic-planning sessions, and are instrumental in driving the IFPS forward in its mission.

Highlights of Committee and Board Meetings:

Safety Guidelines – The Board approved safety guidelines, compiled and written by the safety subcommittee, to be included in every study manual for every certification. This four-page document can also be downloaded from the IFPS website.

Chapter Start-up Guide – A six-page booklet is now available for individuals interested in starting a chapter in their region; it can be found by visiting the “chapter” page of the IFPS website.

Job Performance Tests – Beginning in 2013, job performance tests will include compound bends, a variety of additional fasteners and fittings, as well as digital calipers.

Certified Fluid Power Engineer and System Designer Designations – In addition to the individual requirements for the Engineer and System Designer designations, only the written portion of the Connector and Connector test must be passed; a job performance test is not required.

The Board approved monetary donations to the following:

  • IFPS Chapter 49 for its work with youth competitions
  • The Minnesota Skills Competition
  • The NFPA Fluid Power challenge
  • Skills USA

A new Energy Savings in Pneumatics course is on the horizon. The development of a Fluid Power Boy Scout Merit Badge continues.

Work continues on the development of the Mobile Electronic Controls, Industrial Electronic Controls, and Mechatronics certifications.

Mark Perry, Fitzsimmons Hydraulics Inc., IFPS 2013 president

Mark Perry, Patrick Maluso, Western Hydrostatics, Inc.

Dan Helgerson, Cascade Steel Rolling Mills, Inc., Justin Sergeant, Western Integrated Technologies

Liz Rehfus, Crafting Solutions, Inc., Thomas Blansett, Eaton Corporation, Patrick Maluso

Liz Rehfus, Jimmy Simpson, Nusim Associates Fluid Power Consultant, Patrick Maluso

Patrick Maluso, Thomas Blansett, Mark Perry, Wayne Farley, Verizon

L. David Ruffus, Georgia Power Company, Richard Bullers, SMC Corporation of America

Steve Widmer, Purdue University and Jon Jensen, SMC Corporation of America

Liz Rehfus, Jean Knowles, Spencer Fluid Power, Marti Wendel, The Paquin Company, Donna Pollander, IFPS

Dan Helgerson, Sam Kaye, Ensign Energy Services

Group tour of National Oilwell Varco: Dan Helgerson, Liz Rehfus, Steve Widmer, Jimmy Simpson, Marti Wendel, Patrick Maluso, Richard Bullers, Thomas Blansett, Wayne Farley, Rance Herren, Tim White, Dennis Garrett, Rickey Rodeffer, (White, Garrett, and Rodeffer are from The Boeing Company), George Beniek, IFPS Chapter 5, Randy Smith, Northrop Grumman Corp., Donna Pollander

Paul Prass, IDP, Randy Smith, Thomas Blansett, Justin Sergeant, Mark Perry, Jimmy Simpson

For more information, visit www.ifps.org.

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