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2019 Photo and Video Contest Winners

In honor of Fluid Power Professionals’ Day—June 19th—The IFPS and the Fluid Power Journal hosted the annual Fluid Power Photo Contest. This year, a video contest was added. The contests ran from January 1 through March 31, 2019 with great success!

Photo Categories

  • New Perspective: Photos that show fluid power used in novel ways and from views not everyone gets to see.
  • Teamwork: Photos of people working together using fluid power to get the job done.
  • Fun with Fluid Power: Photos that capture the joy of using, learning, or teaching about hydraulics and pneumatics.
  • The Muscle of Fluid Power: Photos that capture the might of fluid power in action.

Video Categories

  • What Is Fluid Power? Explain fluid power to someone outside the industry.
  • Safety: Everyday safety solutions.
  • Benefits of Certification: How has certification helped in your career?

Did someone say prize money?

  • 1st place – $250
  • 2nd place – $100
  • 3rd place – $50
  • People’s Choice – $100


1st Place:
Putting art into motion with a closed loop system. –  By Travis Kuehler, CFPHS, Womack Machine Supply

2nd Place:
Looking up at 294 tonnes (326 tons) of CAT 6030 FS Hydraulic Shovel. – By Scott Malcolm, Related Fluid Power

3rd Place:
Ducks in a row. – By Stephen Born


1st Place:
Fluid Power Action Challenge 2019. – 
By Kim Malicki, Daman Products Company, Inc.

2nd Place:
Stretch leveling equipment. – By Lisa Kravec, Butech Bliss

3rd Place:
Hammer training class. –By Mark Snyder, NPKCE


1st Place and People’s Choice Award:
Girl Power Meets Fluid Power! Friends learn about pneumatics at STEM event held at Kent State – Salem. – By Genie Wendel

2nd Place:
Miles and Liam experiment with a fluid power model. – By Aliceann Strausbaugh

3rd Place:
Academically talented 5th grade class uses fluid power kits to learn about fluid power. – By Jenna Griffith


1st Place:
A demonstration of the fine control obtainable using fluid power. – By Scott Malcolm, Related Fluid Power

2nd Place:
Frozen power. – 
By Kamil Klein, Danfoss Power Solutions

3rd Place:
A hydraulic crane removes an old air conditioning unit. – By Steve Hovanic



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