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ACE Mini Shock Absorbers Serve Badminton Robot

An independent research center in Belgium that helps nonprofit institutions demonstrate new technologies recently constructed a unique system: a badminton-playing robot that can incorporate prototype devices for testing. The mechatronic unit competes against human opponents and relies on various ACE Controls damping elements to absorb the impact forces.

Not only is safe braking essential for user safety, it also helps ensure the badminton robot’s longevity. The carriage that holds the racket and its swinging mechanism weighs 110 pounds. During a volley, the carriage can accelerate to almost 10 feet per second. At that weight and speed, a crash can completely destroy the system. The local ACE Controls distributor provided MC4575-0 industrial shock absorbers  to ensure safe braking for the robot’s three mobile axes.

The MC4575-0 is part of ACE Controls’ MAGNUM Series of miniature shock absorbers characterized by high energy absorption and a robust design. It has a 2.91-inch stroke and an energy capacity of 10,000 inch-pound per cycle – enough to handle the end-of-travel force of the carriage. Its durable construction includes the latest sealing technology, an annealed guide bearing, and an integrated positive stop for a long lifetime. The MC4575-0 also offers these features and specifications:

  • Self-compensating
  • Impact velocity range of 0.5 to 16.5 feet per second
  • Compact design
  • Operating temperature range of 10°F to 150°F (-12°C to 65°C)

This badminton-playing robot provides nonprofit institutions a unique opportunity to experiment with new technologies. Should the robot incur damage due to high impacts and crashes, these entities will have a difficult time finding a similar means of demonstration. The MC4575-0 MAGNUM miniature shock absorber provides both reliable braking and user safety so the robot will always be good at badminton.

For more information, visit www.acecontrols.com/us/.

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