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Alliance Sensors Releases SS-7 Subsea Series 

Alliance Sensors Group announced on April 14 the SS-7 series of linear position sensors, used to measure the ram position of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders in subsea applications. The SS-7 subsea port-mount series fits into a gun-drilled cylinder in the same way a magnetostrictive sensor would be installed but without the counterbore necessary for the magnet. 

With no magnet required, the installation and cost of ownership is dramatically reduced without sacrificing accuracy specifications, ASG said in a press release.

Features of the new series include:

  • Operating to a depth of 12,000 feet; 
  • MHP with 25mm hex housing;
  • measurement ranges from 25 to 600 mm (1 to 24 inches);
  • IEC IP-67 aluminum or stainless-steel housing;
  • contactless; no wear out; 
  • 85 C operation (105 C option);
  • DC voltage or current analog output; and 
  • SenSet field adjustable scaling.

ASG’s sensors use a simple coil design rather than “time-of-flight” technology or resistive film. ASG sensors are based on a patented contactless inductive sensing technology that employs a solid probe construction style, requiring a simple conductive tubular target or a small diameter deep hole gun drilled in the cylinder rod for operation. The sensors can withstand intense shocks and vibration, and operating temperatures up to 85 C for standard products and 105 C for custom units. 

For more information, visit www.alliancesensors.com.

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