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Assured Automation Announces New Volumetric Flow Meters 

Assured Automation of Roselle, N.J., recently launched the Mag Series of volumetric magnetic induction flow meters that measure flow rate and totals of conductive media at rates up to 160 gpm. 

The MAG Series also includes outputs for medium temperature.  It features a rugged meter body incorporating electronics, display, user interface, and output signal generation in one compact unit. The series is more compact and less expensive than comparable meters and sensors, the company said in a press release.

A main advantage of magnetic meters is the obstruction-free design; there are no moving parts, which eliminates flow impediment, reducing the risk of breakdowns and requiring less maintenance.
Accuracy over a wide flow range can be as good as ±0.5%

Other features of the MAG Series include:

  • One compact sensor provides flow rate, total flow volume, and media temperature 
  • Connection size: ¼”-2″ NPT, BSPP, Tri-clamp 
  • Flow Ranges: 0-60 GPM 
  • Empty pipe detection alerts when pipe is not full 
  • Min. and Max. values stored in memory 
  • Local digital display and user interface 
  • Large flow ranges (up to 100:1 turndown) 
  • I/O link output via M12 connector 
  • 2 outputs for PNP/NPN switching, pulse, frequency, current, or voltage signals 
  • Analog signals are scalable for best resolution within the actual usage range 
  • Unobstructed flow path is tolerant of particulate and keeps pressure drop low

Analog, binary, pulse and frequency outputs offer various options to process the measured data. The series can be used with conductive liquids [conductivity: ≥ EC 0.02 (12.8 ppm TDS, 20 µS/cm) / viscosity: < 0.1085 in²/s at 104 °F].

Units have two outputs that can be configured in the field to provide various switching options, frequency signals, or pulse output. Output 2 has analog signal options. All switching outputs can be set to N.O. or N.C.

Assured Automation provides custom programming at the factory. Meters come pre-programmed to the customer’s display and output specifications. 

For more information, call 800-899-0553, e-mail info@assuredautomation.com, or visit https://assuredautomation.com/.

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