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AutomationDirect Adds Transducers and Switches to Sensors Line

AutomationDirect recently added more transducers and switches to its sensors lineup. 

ATCH series adaptive true RMS current transducers are designed to monitor electric heat zero-crossing burst fired SCR controllers. Ideal for electrical heater applications, these transducers provide faster response than temperature sensors and are a simplified method to monitor pulsed waveforms. 

3ACT/3ACTR series AC 3-phase current transducers are designed for monitoring three-phase loads, motors, machines, or buildings. A large triple-aperture fixed core design allows for quick and easy installation. The transducer outputs are powered from an excitation voltage of 24 VAC or DC, isolated from the monitored circuit. Average and true RMS models are available with three outputs that are proportional to the AC current in each phase, and a fourth output represents the average of the three.

ACTS series AC current sensors combine a current operated switch and transducer. The series provides an analog output and a solid-state switched output that changes state when the current exceeds setpoint or falls below normal running current.

VADT series AC/DC voltage transducers are high-performance true RMS sensing for AC voltage in single-phase or three-phase installations and DC voltage sensing in DC-powered installations.

For more information, visit www.automationdirect.com/current-transducer.

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