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Norstat continues to add to their line-up of sensor products with the F09-T-M, a compact Pressure and Vacuum Sensor with a rugged Stainless Steel housing. 

The F09-T-M from M-P Sensor is a compact, durable Pressure / Vacuum sensor in a stainless steel housing with an analog voltage or current output. The F09-T-M converts the detected pressure value into an analog voltage or current signal. The Stainless Steel housing is ideally suited for harsh environments such as pneumatic applications in robotics as well as more common applications in handling or packaging. The integrated temperature compensation and the superior long term stability ensure a permanently accurate indicated value.

The F09-T-M is available in multiple measuring ranges and can measure filtered, dry or oiled air and non-corrosive gases. Its operating voltages are 9…30 VDC ( Current output ) or 14…30 VDC ( Voltage output ).Housing material is Stainless Steel with either M8 or  M12, 4 pole current / voltage output. The F09-T-M carries a protection rating of IP67 making it ideal for harsh environment applications. 

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