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WAGO Circuit Breakers Available in Multiple Channels

AutomationDirect’s new WAGO multichannel circuit breakers are available in two, four, and eight channels. These electronic circuit breakers monitor load current and reliably recognize overloads and short circuits on an output. Circuit breaker electronics permit brief current peaks and switch off longer overloads.

The rated current for each output of the multichannel units can be individually set with a selector switch accessible from the front. The outputs are time-delay and load-dependent activated to avoid overload current.

If the rated current is exceeded for a set time, the output switches off automatically and can be switched on after a waiting time (thermal relaxation) using the push button or remote signal-input S1. The push button can also switch the output manually. The state of each output is indicated with a multicolored LED.

WAGO space-saving single-channel electronic breakers safely and reliably stop power in the event of an overload or short circuit on the secondary side. Up to 10 single-channel units can be bused together with jumper bars.

For more information, visit www.automationdirect.com/electronic-circuit-protection.

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