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Bill Tulloch Appointed as Peninsular Cylinder Company’s New Customer Service Manager

Roseville, MI—Peninsular Cylinder Company is excited to announce that Mr. Bill Tulloch will now serve as their Customer Service Manager. In holding over 40 years of fluid power experience, Bill brings a wealth of knowledge to Peninsular’s doorsteps.

Peninsular’s National Sales & Marketing Manager, Bill Tyler, speaks to this new addition, “I’ve known Bill for many years and I knew he was the right guy for the job. Peninsular is a small company with big goals. I was confident going in that Mr. Tulloch will help us to meet those goals and I remain confident in that today,” says Tyler.

The nearly 70-year-old cylinder manufacturer’s longstanding history comes with ups and downs. As its primary ties were strictly automotive, it has since expanded into a wide array of markets. From foundry, machine tools, oil, food processing and more, Peninsular’s ability to modify products to specific application needs has allowed them to progress in the fluid power market.

Mr. Tulloch will now oversee the heart of what keeps this organization kicking: their inside sales team, and states his primary objective as a Customer Service Manager, “To position Peninsular as a valued extension of our customers own technical support teams.” From assuring prompt response to RFQs, to providing unique solutions for varying application needs, Bill provides value added problem solving to where it is needed most.

Peninsular was originally founded in 1948 to manufacture hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders to service Ford Motors, Chrysler and General Motors assembly and powertrain plants throughout the U.S. and Canada. Through the years, they have become a valued and trusted supplier to all industries requiring linear actuation. Today, it is an ISO 9001: 2008 registered company that also meets NFPA/JIC Tie Rod Cylinder Configuration standards. One of the most efficient aspects of doing business with them is their cylinder configurator (powered by PARTsolutions). It simplifies the ordering process while also providing needed details. From 3D, solid model downloads and 2-dimensional prints that include dimensions and corresponding part numbers, Peninsular is proud to provide this tool to their client base.

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