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Blacoh Industries, Inc. Introduces New Team Members

Blacoh Industries

Blacoh Industries, Inc. has added three new engineers to their team: Michael Harvilla, Ruben Fernandez, and Melanie Arriaga.

Micheal Harvilla graduated from California Polytechnic University and brings experience and education in 3D CAD modeling systems. He also has experience in managing design schedules for machining parts based on their criticality and lead time to minimize downtime.

Ruben Fernandez brings over ten years of engineering experience to our team. Throughout his career, he has emphasized optimization, quality, and consistency. He is an expert at implementing process improvements designed to improve customer satisfaction while decreasing costs.

Melanie Arriaga has worked as both a project and quality engineer. She brings exciting experience in managing customers’ experiences: ensuring projects are delivered on time and at peak quality. She specializes in understanding quality requirements and making sure they are met.

“I am very glad to be joining Blacoh Industries as an engineer. Team Blacoh is comprised of some truly talented people, and I am both excited and grateful to learn about the Fluid Control Industry from the experts in this field.”
Michael Harvilla

“I’m thrilled to be a part of the Blacoh team and I’m eager to learn and grow in this role. I’m excited to contribute to the company’s success and make a positive impact.”
Ruben Fernandez

“I’m excited to collaborate with such a friendly and dynamic team. I’m looking forward to applying my skills and ready to contribute to the company to the best of my abilities.”
Melanie Arriaga

Blacoh Industries is a certified Women’s Owned Enterprise (WBE) headquartered in Riverside, CA. where they have been a leader in the fluid control industry since 1976. Blacoh’s approach includes system-wide solutions designed to improve performance and extend the life of pipeline components.

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