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Material Handling System Features Revolutionary Vacuum Technology

The new tooling system allows auto manufacturers to construct vacuum-end effector tools with minimal design time to meet their exact needs for critical applications, such as sheet metal stamping, die-casting, injection molding, thermoforming and glass handling.

Made of hard-coat anodized aluminium, Piab Modular Automation Tooling (PMAT) is lightweight and easy to assemble on-site without welding or use of special tools, making it ideal for handling materials in both the raw and finished stages of production. The PMAT is highly flexible and can be quickly configured to handle large metal parts or small plastic components with equal ease and success

PMAT features a swivel arm assembly with a choice of various functional attachments, including a PIAB vacuum pump.  The air-driven vacuum pump provides vacuum pressure through Piab’s patented COAX® technology, a revolutionary design based on Piab’s multi-stage concept for creating vacuum pressure with compressed air.  The result is a smaller, more efficient, more reliable and highly flexible technology that allows users to design a modular system.

The vacuum pump can also be equipped with a check valve feature, a Piab innovation that “traps” vacuum pressure for an indefinite period in a leak-free system.  This feature allows parts to be handled safely in case of system interruption or failure.

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