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Cardanic Ring and Trunnion Mounts


EHM Cardanic Ring and Trunnion mounts eliminate leaking rod seals. They fit all types of trunnion mounted hydraulic/pneumatic cylinders and solve misalignment issues that cause rod seal damage and bearing wear.

These heavy-duty cylinder mounting accessories are made from high strength steel and aluminum for many applications. We use rugged composite bearings constructed of synthetic Polyester resins with PTFE reinforcing fibers that do not require lubrication. This durable,
self-lubricating material performs exceptionally well in wet, corrosive, and dusty environments.

Our unique cardanic ring mounting arrangement quickly solves cylinder alignment and rod buckling issues. Your cylinder is free to move in six different planes. Using trunnion mounted cylinders with cardanic ring mounts instead of cylinders with clevis at both ends, can save you big money. Many customers have seen cost savings from eliminated stop tubes and increased force capability without rod buckling. Custom sizes and materials can be
designed to fit your application, just give us a call 954-981-0023.

  • Minimize side load stress and rod bearing wear
  • Heavy duty design
  • Easy to install
  • Non-lube composite bearings
  • Full load capability

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